1. early lead in the marathon

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  2. Ah, Caleb, what a figure! 😉 HHD, Dave!

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  3. Caleb is doing the 5AM weather forecast – he looks like he’s in front of a green screen that is more appropriately, the color of sand….yes, I need more coffee

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  4. Caleb be head in’ toward the weekend like ‘yay!’

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  5. The noble camel in all his glory! Thanks.

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  6. With a figure like that, I think we might have to rename Caleb. (“Kinda broad at the shoulder and narrow at the hips…”) You’ve got it. Big John. Big Bad John.

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  7. Our boy is looking a bit leggy and lackadaisical. Bring on the bedouins and the ladies 🐫🏝🐪🐫🏝

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  8. Where’d everybody go?

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  9. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Caleb!! Missed you last week!! …. cathing up!!

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