Sunday Morning

+ Sunday Morning. Sully waiting, not-so-patiently, for his pancake breakfast. And blueberries, ah so sweet blueberries, hand picked from the hills of Peru, they go down first.  + This morning’s walk. 40° F, yet feels like I’m traipsing through Antarctica, without the ice pack. Wind gusts up to 35 mph, finding exposed skin on the back of my neck. “To enjoy bodily warmth, some small part of you must be cold, for there is no quality in this world that is not what it is merely by contrast. Nothing exists in itself.” (Moby Dick) + Email 8 weeks ago, I concluded it was spam. Trashed it. Same email 4 weeks ago, this one catches my attention. It was related to a blog post, a silly, innocuous blog post, including a photo from the internet, source attributed in the post, and without knowledge of any copyright restrictions. Email threatens litigation, claiming copyright infringement and seeking payment. This blog has been, is, will always be non-commercial. A hobby. Post removed. But chill remains. Hump Day is over, or maybe it’s just beginning. + And, so it is. Story not yet fully told. A trace of acid lingers on the tongue.  (Jeff Foster) “Life will eventually bring you to your knees. Either you’ll be on your knees cursing the universe…or you’ll be brought to your knees by gratitude and awe, deeply embracing the life that you have, too overwhelmed by the beauty of it all to stand or even speak. Either way, they’re the same knees.”  + And then it’s back to this morning’s walk, and here we are. Walking, on these same knees. And yes, overwhelmed by the beauty of it all.



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    Here’s sending you the best, enlightened energy to deal with ‘the issue’ … keep us posted!! — “And then it’s back to this morning’s walk, and here we are. Walking, on these same knees. And yes, overwhelmed by the beauty of it all.”

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  2. I would think that you would be a pretty easy guy to find and send a certified letter to regarding copyright infringement. I occasionally get emails advising that the sender has compromising photos of me they are going publish if I don’t pay up. At my age, I consider that an anonymous compliment. Roast easy tonight, DK. Rest easy.

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  3. Love that Sully boy…what a doll. And that photo is pure gold, pal. As for those copyright infringement notices, think most (all?) are spam. Hubby has been getting them, too, and all the photos on his website are ones that he took…. ???

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  4. What kind of gear does Sully wear? Is he names after the pilot?

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  5. You last photo, the second one, is GREAT, composition, colour and everything is perfect. 👍 Thanks for showing 🙏 🙏
    I think it’s only fair to follow the copyright laws. People live on selling their ideas and designs. I did this as an author like every photogapher an other artist does. I sued several times people who breached my copyright.
    Keep well
    Klausbernd 🙂

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  6. I’m glad you came full circle,back to the beauty of it all

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  7. Sully is adorable. Lucky boy to get pancakes with blueberries! Your tree photo is beautiful.
    As for this whole situation, it totally blows. You never EVER do not give credit for anything you share on the blog. Of all the ones to attack, you are the last one that should be.
    Sending you good vibes and so very happy to find you again in my inbox.

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  8. oh boy, I LOVE this post. There is SO MUCH in it to have an opinion on…. First of all, I agree with Dale and others, that King of Dogs is an incredibly spoilt brat – so gorgeous and that plate with the finest of the fine…. gosh, I wish somebody would serve me something like that, just once!!!!! I would even lie on the floor and eat it from there 😉
    copyright infringement: Did you know that at the beginning of my Flickr photo ‘career’ (= none) I didn’t even know that you could waterlog your pix with your name – so I posted my photos and texts regularly – some time later I found MY photos on cards being sold in Paris in chic shops…. No credit given, never asked for permission, and at that time it was dead easy to steal photos. I was told by several friends to sue them but for me it always was a hobby and anyway, who would want to sue anybody in France? If you like your life you step aside with a really large step before you get drawn in into an unsavoury fight over anything.
    But as Dale said, you would be the LAST person not to give credit to whom credit is due… That must have been a pretty desperate person trying to get you to cough up for anything like that.
    And then, that tree photo, that’s über beautiful, serene and chilling too. I can, just by looking at this scene, feel the chill and the dry cold, but also you staring at this beauty and feeling in awe for the creation you are allowed to take ‘in’.
    Now I’ll be back to my Christmas card writing. I must be the last person to still write personal Xmas cards and it seems to take me longer every year for every single person….. being authentic, honest and trying to be kind w/o wallowing in my own sad experiences is costing me much time and energy. Back anytime soon(er or later).

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  9. almost all of my images are from the internet, but I always provide a link back to where I found it. I guess I’m lucky that no one reads my blog…

    I guess we’ll be seeing more Sully pictures… 🙂

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  10. I, and countless others are so happy you began these walks. These trees.

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  11. It’s kind of scary to use a photo from the internet. I did that on my annelisplace (writing) blog just the other day (got a couple of photos that said “free” off the internet) but now you have me worried.

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  12. Better to be brought to one’s knees in awe and grace…and honestly, there are jerks everywhere – as if one needed another example …

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