Miracle. All of it.

The next time you look into the mirror, just look at the way the ears rest next to the head; look at the way the hairline grows; think of all the little bones in your wrist. It is a miracle. And the dance is a celebration of that miracle.

Martha Graham, Blood Memory: An Autobiography


  • Quote Source Credit via Alive on All Channels. Thank you Beth.
  • Photo: Alexander Yakovlev – Dancers Frozen in Flour via FreeYork
  • Post title Inspired by Albert Einstein’s quote: “There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle.


  1. yes, all of it

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  2. What a magnificent quote! Thank You.
    But (nearly) even better is that dancer’s pose – I know dancers personally; what they do with their body is beyond all imagination…. (for me at least!).

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  3. So very true. In the midst of working out the other day, I was suddenly struck by the amazing way that one’s body works…so much has to happen in so many places simultaneously to create one movement. Remarkable! And those photos are gorgeous!

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  4. Love it 💛

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  5. Those moments when we are filled with awe when considering how the simplest elements of being, are in fact magnificent little miracles..

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  6. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    BEYOND!! … “And the dance is a celebration of that miracle.”
    — Martha Graham, Blood Memory: An Autobiography.

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  7. David, I had missed this. Splendid. Just splendid!

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  8. And here I thought flour was only for baking. Or making clay-dough.


    I danced on Saturday night. It was the first time I’d gone dancing since Covid hit. Outside the home that is. I dance in my studio a lot. Pretty well every day.

    but to dance to live music. To let the saxophone be my guide, my muse, my body’s instrument. To feel the notes enter me in waves of joy and move me and me captive, fully alive in the spaces between the notes.

    Miracle. All of it.

    He captures it so beautifully — as do the remarkable words of the remarkable Martha Graham.

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  9. Unnhh! I think I need a chiropractor!

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  10. What a gorgeous photgraph and body! Dance seems to perfect bodies that do it all the time… I knew a (retired) Martha Graham dancer, lovely woman who was a part of our Dream Theatre group in New York City. Did anyone here ever go to The Theatre of the Open Eye in NYCity, created by Joseph Campbell’s wife, Jean, also a retired Martha Graham Dancer? [everything is bringing back memories…good ones!]

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  11. Beautiful David ☺️🤍🕊smiles hedy

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  12. I wish we all nurtured and loved our body instead of just admiring from afar and praising it for what it can do. Beautiful photos Dave. 👏👏

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  13. Beautiful image and the quote. I can’t dance so I can’t celebrate the miracle.:(

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