Monday Morning Wake-Up Call

December 29, 1941.

I’m at the age where I cease to reform my tastes:

I accept what I find—within—without shame.

Patricia Highsmith, “Patricia Highsmith: Her Diaries and Notebooks: 1941-1995.″ Anna von Planta (Editor). (Liveright, November 16, 2021)


  • Side Note: Patricia Highsmith was 20 years old when writing this in her diary entry. 20 years old! And here I am…still workin’ it…
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  1. yes, yes and it feels so right

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  2. i know she was 20, and it’s clearly taken me much longer to evolve )

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  3. Hhhmm … not reforming and being so self assured at that age may be more of a hindrance going through life. Im grateful for developing at my own pace.

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  4. The right age without the complete acceptance of being who and as I am…

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  5. Well, for us Catholic girls born in the ’50s, shame-lessly accepted inner tastes began and ended with black waterproof mascara! 👀 That’s our story and we’re sticking with it!

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  6. Twenty! Must have been an overly serious young woman. I’ll stick to my own slow pace, thank you very much 😉

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  7. If there’s a ‘right age’ does that mean there’s a ‘wrong age’? No matter my age, when I release the need to reform my tastes and free myself from shame, I become more me — and that works just right for me because, no matter my age, shame is not becoming. 🙂 ❤

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  8. It’s a strength and not a sign of weakness to be able to change one’s opinion and that goes for tastes too.
    PH was a fantastic writer but a very bitter character with many traits I would never feel inspired to take as a lead….. I far prefer my own timing for development, thank you very much!

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  9. Interesting when you know what she was grappling with–whether to be lesbian or bisexual when feeling that would be socially repugnant to many… She was intellectual, in NYCity, very attractive…alot going on for one so young and advantaged. So, for her, “taste” was a reference to her sexual preferences.

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  10. How lucky, if you can do that.


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