No physical appearance is worth not eating pasta for.

—  Matt Haig, with “One Beautiful Thing” in “The Comfort Book” (Penguin Life, July 6, 2021)


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  1. my favorite food in the world and I should wear that quote as a t-shirt.


  2. Truer words were never spoken.

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  3. As anyone who has seen my Instagram… pasta is way up there! It is my favourite!

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  4. Michael Zahaby says:

    Agreed. Nothing with Pesto, carbonate, alfredo, or even picata sauces

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  5. AMEN!!

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  6. AMEN!!!

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  7. Simply, torture for me as I am gluten free and lets say gluten free pasta just isn’t the same as the pasta from my pre GF days…the photos of the pasta dishes all catch my eye and if I was picking a favorite I’d be going the dish in the upper right!:) Adding to gastro delight: As I am typing I am eating my second (yes) serving of homemade warm from the oven Pear, Apple, Rhubarb Crisp with fresh sweet cream… I’ve made sure to hold each mouth full a little extra longer in my mouth to savor the delicious taste and smell (the taste is enhanced once it is cooled down (Like OM Gosh, intoxicating)…just before the dessert we ate the most delicious home made stuffed pepper…he made the tomato sauce, sauted the hamburger w/garlic, made the rice, grated the cheeses, etc most of the veggies & fruit were from the garden…it is harvest time 🙂 ps some of the stuffed peppers are headed to the freezer 🙂

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  8. Garlic cooking in a bit of butter, a nice red sauce bubbling on the stove, a glass of Chianti or Montepulciano in hand, a nice loaf of bread—just out of the oven—resting on the counter, perhaps a bit of gelato or Limoncello in the freezer for later, a little soft rock playing in the background….honestly, does life *get* any sweeter?! 😉❤️

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  9. My favorite food!👍🇮🇹

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  10. Top row right!! I’ll have one to go please….followed by one of every other one. And a bottle of Sangiovese if you wouldn’t be minding. Yum!

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  11. O lawd, I thought I was done eating for the night — NOW I gotta go find something I can throw sauce and cheese on!


  12. Followed by some chocolate mint gelato?

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  13. A profound truth.

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  14. Oh yes! …anyone notice that it looks like heavy cream has been added to several of these sauces? or sourcream as I used to add to an alfredo type dish. Have to note that I fed these things to my children while they were growing up and none of them was ever other than lean. [maybe it was the raw carrots and/or celery I gave them every night before dinner when everyone was ravenous] There’s always a way to have it all: my credo!

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