Walking. With Billy Summers. (2)

77° F.  5:05 a.m. Morning Walk @ Cove Island Park.  466 consecutive days. Like in a Row.

Another sh*t night of no-to-restless sleep. Another, like in a row. I’m tired. I look up ‘irascible’ when I get home, because that’s a word that Lori would use. I am Irascible. I-R-A-S-C-I-B-L-E. Oxford defines it as quick-tempered. Yes, with a capital “I”.

I pull into the parking lot. ‘My’ parking spot is taken. I park in the same spot each morning. There has to be 300 open spots, and someone had to choose mine. ‘Mine.’

I get out of the car, grab my camera gear from the back seat, and walk. It’s twilight, aka near dark. I fail to see the curb next to the car.  My right toe slams into the concrete curb. I somehow manage not to take a header. F*cking curb. What is that doing here!*!$ The rest of the morning, my right toe tingles.

I note that there’s an unusually large number of cars at daybreak. And a large number of middle aged women mingling in front of the gate. [Don’t start slinging unfriendly fire at me Followers —  I said ‘large number’, not ‘Large.’]  They are blocking the first entrance to the park, requiring me to walk 50 feet down the line to the second entry.  I mean really? Do you all need to congregate in front of the gate chitter-chattering at 5:10 a.m. What could there possibly be so important to talk about. 

My rhythm is disrupted. I have a routine here, people. 466 days of it. And here you come with your, what, yoga group? Meditation sutras?  Keep clear.

Air is thick, heavy. I need to wear long pants and a long sweat shirt as armor from the gnats and mosquitos. It’s 5:25 a.m, it’s hot and I haven’t even gotten started. Leather straps from the backpack bite into my shoulder.  Camera straps pinch my neck. And that swish swish of the backpack pulls on the straps which dig and then cut skin. Latin: Irascibillis.

The scene reminds me of a line in Stephen King’s new book which is being pumped by Audible into my airpods: Billy Summers: “When things go wrong, they don’t waste time.”

How does one get to be my age and somehow never have managed to read a Stephen King book? Is that even possible?  

And then you might ask, how did I choose to pick a King book now?  I was thumbing through The Guardian Book section and came across Neil McRobert’s review titled “Billy Summers by Stephen King review – his best book in years.” I don’t know who Neil McRobert is but he sounds like he knows what he’s talking about, so I downloaded it. And 3/4’s of the way through, what’s the verdict? Recommended.  Man can tell a story.

I spot 4 Herons. I approach to get a better angle, I spook them and the pack bolts.

I keep walking.

I spot 2 white egrets.  Lift the camera to fire, and they take off.

I see a Black-Crowned Night Heron in the shadows.  Approach her.  And she’s gone.

A flock of Canada Geese approaches me —  fearless these Canadians and not having anywhere near the manners of my Countrymen: “Snap one of us.” I hiss back at them: “No chance.”

Billy Summers: “God doesn’t have a plan — he throws up pick-up sticks.”

I turn the corner heading to the northern part of Cove Island. I see that the congregation has gathered at the point. I hear a murmur of voices. No wonder ‘my’ Birds are spooked.

I pack up my gear, and head back to the car, wondering what’s with the Irascibillis.

I’m sitting behind the wheel, and Billy Summers continues to speak to me through my airpods:

“In fact, but so many times the body doesn’t care about the circumstances. It just wants what it wants… The body wants what it wants, and so does the mind, he thinks, and closes his eyes.”

I close my eyes before turning on the ignition.

The body wants what it wants, and so does the mind.

I need a Donut.

Or three.

Photo: DK @ Daybreak. 5:17 to 5:54 am, August 14, 2021. 77° F. Cove Island Park, Stamford, CT.


  1. Who is Stephen King? I guess I’ve lived a sheltered live…but the body and mind do want what they want. Unfortunately, they usually get it. 😎

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  2. If you read this back, you’ll see that you were taking everything that was happening in your universe personally.) it really has nothing to do with you, but it sure can feel like that at times.

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  3. I thought maybe you wrote this post yesterday, on Friday the 13th.

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  4. Thanks for the hat tip, pal. Think churlish, curmudgeonly or fractious might also have worked this morning. 😉 Hope you didn’t give in to that damn donut…you know that sugar high never lasts.

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  5. Maybe it’s time to look into taking Celebrex for the pain, I’ve had no side effects and I find it better than downing Tylenol, I also jsut started a new sleeping med and it is wokring great. No morning fog, it starts to wear off about 3/4 thru the night so no hang over. If you’re interested I’ll share the name. I know you hate to break down and try meds ut maybe it’s time to retink to have have better health and less, I! Have a great day. 🙂

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  6. Ah pal, you need a nap. The world sure gangs up on a person some days…(as they say, ‘some days are diamonds, some days are stones’). And yet, you capture a magnificent moment though teeth may have been gritted, and toe may have been throbbing. Enjoy the donut/s – enjoy the book – it’s what you want.

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  7. Michael Zahaby says:

    I’m in pain reading this. Go back and get in bed for a nap

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  8. Was going to say, how wonderful that you got up and out despite the oppressive air and heat!
    Now I wonder if you’ll have to find a new parking space and a new entrance–these ladies may realize how wonderful to be up and out when all is so peaceful and quiet.
    And, for pain killers, I recommend that you find out about homeopathic medicine. No side effects. Delicate. Powerful and effective in a subtle way. Arnica Montana for pain, stiffness, injury, over-exercise. Popular among “suburban mothers” to give to their kids after soccer matches and other sports. I take them in the perles form after tennis. It’s like all fo a sudden the hurt almost disappears. [I’m all for the most natural and least toxic.]

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  9. I jsut read my first King novel two weeks ago – Under the Dome; loved it. So I followed up this week with Needful Things, andother winner. As you say, the man can write.

    At least it sounds like you didn’t try to get in the wrong car when you were leaving…

    Hope you had a couple of good donuts – they help with the healing process 🙂

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  10. I won’t use high fallutin’ words here. You were just plain grumpy. And not sleeping sucks. I know. As you know I know. And how dare those broads take your space and block your entrance? It’s enough to throw one such as you – who really does stick to his routine… Hmm
    .. maybe the universe is telling you something?
    As for the Stephen King. I’m trying to remember if I’ve read any. I think I read The Stand a hundred years ago. As for your comment on how does one get to be your age before reading him? I felt the same as I started reading my first Vonnegut.
    Hope the rest of the day went better

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  11. I seem to have a similar view flowing of passionate feeling of ownership & being protective of sacred, favorite spots to me…then I think well I am glad others enjoy the beauty of the location…beauty of a spot really feeds the eyes, ears, breath of air to the lungs…on to the heart and settles in the soul, expanding…// As to the group of ladies…my thought is they’ve been inspired by your Morning Gift of Words and Photos!!!…and they are hoping to catch the rare glimpse of one called, DK on the move… 😉 //PS hope you get this sleep issue under control. Kindly, Christie


  12. So glad I could elicit a laugh from you…


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