T.G.I.F.: Waking the pond for another day

On the far side of the pond, an egg-yolk sun rises out of the dense tree line like a hot air balloon, slow, graceful. It hovers, suspended for a moment, before breaking free of its tethers—the break of dawn. In that instant, the smallest breeze shirrs the water, waking the pond for another day.

Miranda Cowley Heller, The Paper Palace: A Novel (Riverhead Books, July 6, 2021)



  1. An egg yolk sun – perfect.

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  2. the gentlest of taps on the shoulder

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  3. Has the local Chamber of Commerce contacted you yet about buying some photographs for their advertising? It’s simply amazing how you are able to get such great shots. Any idea what the “delete” to “save” ratio is when you review your morning’s work?

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    • 95% Save vs. 5% Delete. I am a pack rat and have photos rolling with each days pics on a digital calendar. So when I’m at my desk during the day, I can see each shot during the day. Very calming. As to the Chamber contacting me, still waiting! And I would give photos to them no charge. Thanks for the kind words Ray.


  4. Heller’s words sound just like something you would write… beautiful photo…

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  5. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Another awesome break of dawn!! Have to share!!


  6. Could you have more perfectly matched photo to quote? Nay, I think not.

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  7. Capturing the red colour in my photos is a challenge for me. I see you don’t have that problem and your skies turn out beautifully.

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  8. I’m saving this one for my interview!!!!!!

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  9. Lovely shot! What does the buoyed rope denote — a swimming area?

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  10. This couldn’t be better represented than by your photo! BRAVO – what a beautiful picture you two are painting!

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  11. Beautiful capture and words to match! ☀️👏👏

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