must you…

must you finish a thought? is it not enough to


Source: yelenabelovas. Image via bytheslice


  1. I have to get out of the room asap )

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  2. Get me out of here…. 😦

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  3. This is exactly the picture I have of your mind ha 😜

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  4. Makes me anxious just looking at this gif…

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  5. Ugh. Reminds me of my extremely short stint with Mary Kay. Went to a conference and the room.felt like I was stuck in a hen house. I couldn’t wait to leave…

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  6. What are you doing in my head…I thought I

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  7. With this post, I think of *two* things that are crucial for good dialogue: 1) Don’t say everything you think you want to say; and


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  8. I’m sorry. I can’t hear you when you’re all jabbering at once.

    Oh wait. You’re in my head…

    Hmmm…. do I ever listen to

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  9. What is it with us? Do we associate being still and silent with being dead? Reminds me of how I made the connection with creativity as healing for mental illness (when writing my masters thesis). I would guess that both your photography and your writing bring you peace….

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  10. and it seems like everyone just keeps saying the same thing over and over and over…:)

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  11. Anonymous says:

    according to the Urban Dictionary the XO symbol (that I notice flashing) can mean: XO stands for ecstasy and oxycodone /// In a text it means hugs and kisses/// my thought is that the gif might cause a seizure in a person who isn’t seizure prone if one looks at the gif for too long…///and the largest disembodied faces must be the most annoying representation of loud mouths…which reminds me of those folks talking very loud on their cell phones in nature areas…

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  12. I think this is how my family pictures me ….

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