Monday Morning Wake-Up Call

Photo by Andrew Mayes titled “Monday Morning Mood.” “I took this shot while photographing a group of Pied starlings perched in a tree at the Rietvlei Nature Reserve in South Africa. It perfectly sums up my mood on most Monday mornings :).”



  1. yep.

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  2. Haha this made me laugh but so true. :3

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  3. Now, now, DK…turn that frown upside down…we’re heading into a holiday weekend!! Summer is here…☺️

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  4. I can relate! 😉 🤣

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  5. Not what I expected and just what I needed…laughing out loud at 7:30. Now I can face the difficult calls of this day. Your timing is perfect. Thanks.


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  6. So funny! I can only remember Mondays through a haze, though!

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  7. Well, over here in Canada, it’s a Holiday Monday so… nope! But so funny. I cracked up.

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  8. He or she looks unreal–like a Halloween outfit, but somehow this creature is expressing something for us!

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  9. I think that’s what I look like at this very moment, David!

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  10. Snigger, laughing, sighing….

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  11. Oh my, that picture is worth more then words. No one has to guess what that look means for bird or human. Love it…

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