I know I am becoming someone different. I just don’t know what that difference will be yet.

— Joelle Wright-Terry, 47, a hospice chaplain from Clinton Township, Mich., is a Covid survivor. She lost her husband to the virus last April. From “Emerging From the Coronavirus” in The New York Times, April 5, 2021



  1. heartbreaking and inspriring

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  2. I admire her faith and fortitude.

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  3. That story (and the many others) is so rawly human. I laughed to read one woman’s, “That being said, last week I kicked a hole in the bathroom door.” (Haven’t we all been there?!)

    Indeed, what will be our “after”..

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  4. Hard times!

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  5. I read the whole article, with all the stories. This is the most stunning thing I’ve read in this pandemic. The resilience and capacity to find meaning in the midst of suffering and change is a hopeful sign. And it’s helped me look at my own life’s trajectory, given that I went through (successful, in the end) cancer treatment all winter. Yes, we are all changed.

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