A list of nice sounds

…wind blowing through long grass…summer rain falling on tin roof…baby belly laughing…waves lapping shore line…


  • Inspired by: Sound of Metal is a 2019 American drama film. It tells the story of a hard rock drummer who loses his hearing. Find it on Amazon Prime here.
  • Image source: Your Eyes Blaze Out


  1. Anonymous says:

    Universal language…

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  2. I absolutely loved that movie! Hope he gets an Oscar. 🤗

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  3. Ah, yes

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  4. Your loved one breathing softly beside you, your dog snuffling and snoring at your feet, an owl calling out on a moonlit night. ☺️ Haven’t seen the movie yet, but it’s in my queue. Loved this interview with Terry Gross a while back…. https://www.npr.org/2020/12/15/946754528/mc-actor-riz-ahmed

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  5. … hearing your near dead sister placing a phone call on a Sunday morning…. (am still not over it)
    – HH playing the piano while I’m cooking
    – the splutter of a candle when a breeze disturbs its burning
    – children playing on the playground in the background
    – being half asleep at the shore and hearing the cries and laughter of kids
    – I fully endorse the lapping of waves – one of the best sounds ever, add a boat to that too
    – music and singing – at any time – and to come back to the inspiration for your post: I never heard of that film but got to know about it when I listened/viewed (to) an interview yesterday.
    Come on, tell me how up to American Life I am, little me in Switzerland, behind the 7 mountains, with the 7 dwarves (Snow White in case you’re wondering!)

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  6. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    The sound of the ‘coqui’ after a rainy earky evening, then through the night – it’s my fave!!

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  7. This is lovely. All of those sounds and the ones listed by your readers and I’ll add the breeze rustling through marcescent leaves – matter of fact, I taped that very sound two days ago

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  8. The river slapping against the concrete buttresses of the bridge that spans its shores.
    The honk of geese in the silken darkness of early morning.
    The wind whispering through the leafless branches of the trees.
    The hum of the furnace on a cold winter morning.
    The sound of my beloved’s heartbeat when I lay my head upon his chest.

    and all the sounds listed above.

    So much joy in all those sounds and I wonder… would I forget them if I could no longer hear them? Would the practice of remembering them every day be too painful a reminder of the missing sounds of life all around me?

    That movie is my next to watch.

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  9. Rain on a tin roof.
    A mother humming to her baby.
    My dad’s laugh.

    And all of the above.

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  10. the opening notes to a favorite song…

    wheels of an airplane gently touching the ground…

    the roar of a crowd when your team scores…

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  11. Montana breeze shivering the poplar leaves.
    A distance cock pheasant call.

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  12. Such a lovely evocative post, including all the above shares–thank you! I’ll add one I didn’t get to hear but was recently told to me by my dear friend in the hospital with a severely broken leg. She was awakened around 4 am with the most beatiful otherworldly sound when a nurse came in to check vitals and smooth her out. My friend asked her about the humming sound, and learned that this woman’s mother told her that she was born a hummer! Never heard of something like this, but loved imagining it. [I asked if she were Black, and she said yes. I “knew” it!]

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  13. Christie says:

    I’ve always been attuned to sound as it signals cued me, helping me to navigate & survive for so many years when I had no way to communicate…some sounds so soothing as I was locked in my young world…while other sounds alerted me to dangers…
    The memories the essence of the sounds that immediately came to mind were a many years old phone message of my now deceased Mom singing Happy Birthday! to me and my phone service is going to dump all my messages when they change over…hoping to re-record it on my recorder…/// the sweet memories of our then young baby and her first words chocolate, (which she’d never had yet) daddy, cookie, tag, hungry, more,-more, more, < before 9 months old.. nursey now!, eventually mommy…of course the families "I love you"…the most surprising was at a best friends funeral there was a collective gasp between those in our closest group when an unexpected recording of her voice was played…the man who meet my eyes and sweetly thanked me for my quick thinking & intervention -he said I really didn't want to kill any children today…We encountered each other again later in the day…his face lit up and he said it's you! & he sighed…I Know He wouldn't have been able to live with himself if the accident would have happened…every Easter week I think of Him…/// I love to here the bumble bees, the sound of children in the distance playing and their Joyful Glee…crickets in the evening the birds in the morning, whistling, singing, piano playing, laughing (normal not cackling) the wind traveling through the Aspen tree, rhyme of fabric being guided under the presser foot through the sewing machine, the flowing river, creek the lapping of the lake and the ocean's movement…a nice campfire, my purring cats, my snoring pup & he sounds when he dreams…and the sound of my family's breaths as they sleep for I know they have life…

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  14. Nan Morrissette says:

    From one of my favorite authors…
    “Scientists say there is a noise that snowflakes make when they land on water, like the wail of a coyote; the sound reaches a climax and then fades away, all in about one ten-thousandth of a second.”
    Craig Johnson, The Cold Dish (Walt Longmire, #1)

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  15. I’m adding smell to sound…B a c o n frying in the pan 🙂 We ate some that were ends and odd cuts – it was like, lovely H a m… Will use of the rest in homemade split pea soup! We no longer have a Honey Baked Ham Shop (for the Ham bone they sold) Luckily these companies small batched crafted meats end cuts surpass the former Honey Baked Ham bone…did I make you drool?

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