Monday Morning Wake Up Call

She felt along the solid green marble of the day for the hairline crack that might let her out. This could not be forced. Outside, the air hung swagged and the clouds sat in piles of couch stuffing, and in the south of the sky there was a tender spot, where a rainbow wanted to happen.

Then three sips of coffee, and a window opened.

Patricia Lockwood, No One Is Talking About This: A Novel (Riverhead Books, February 16, 2021)

Portrait via Esquire: “In the Face of Tragedy, Patricia Lockwood Found the Real World Again. In her first novel, No One Is Talking About This, the poet laureate of Twitter engulfs readers in “internet poisoning”—and memorializes someone she loved and lost.” Lockwood is the author of the acclaimed 2017 memoir, Priestdaddy.


  1. Beautiful writing. Thank you for the introduction.

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  2. i love the quote and she sounds like an intriguing writer

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  3. Was *just* looking at this book while in the bookstore over the weekend. Have been hearing interesting rumblings about it…this passage confirms I need to place it in the queue. ☺️

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  4. I think I read a lot – but you truly get the first place award.

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  5. What a beautiful snippet of writing.

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  6. I love to string words together in artful positions, laying them out like one of Titian’s Venus’, all fleshy and flowing with sensual intrigue. But then… there’s the storyline. Do the words actually have a point or are they like that painting, their existence an exquisite moment in time when the artist laid paint to canvas to capture the nature of myth and beauty?
    Her writing is exquisite. I look forward to where you take us in your revealing of the storyline.


  7. What an intruiging ‘start’ that is. An overly filled bag with the most amazing choice and chain of words to leave me breathless with ‘reading desire’ and also holding my breath because I feel I cannot go on in this fashion. It’s so dense, so imaginative, so promising. Can this writer hold on to the pace of the story? What IS said story? Help!
    Already the chosen picture shows a very powerful personality. Textures and colours match. There is a story in this…. and much more. I DO want to know more.

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  8. Well, I read the intro and am breathless! But she is a PK (something we have in common) who has written a memoir (something I am doing). Will keep reading… and stay forever grateful for your introductions.

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