Tuesday Morning Wake-Up Call

There is a magnificent quiet that comes from giving up the regular order of your life.

Ann Patchett, from “These Precious Days” in Harper’s Magazine, December 9, 2020

Take a moment to read the entire essay: “These Precious Days.” Long, but worthy. Patchett’s bestsellers include Bel Canto (2001) and The Dutch House (2019), The Dutch House was a finalist for the Pulitzer in 2020.


  1. Such truth here. COVID has taken much from many, but the necessity to ‘take a step back from the world’ and the regular day-to-day has also been a gift in many ways.

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  2. I agree with you and Lori – and also reminded of my mother’s mantra “Man plans and God laughs”. This pandemic makes me think of a cosmic message that we are taking ourselves and the gorgeous ground we walk on, right to the brink. I hope we all pull back and re-group. Not sure this makes sense – perhaps another cup of coffee.

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  3. powerful words and ‘bel canto’ is one of my favorite books

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  4. I am sitting here crying. I followed the link. Alice down the rabbit hole except it wasn’t a rabbit hole, it was a story about life, about friendship, tornados, mystical journies, connections and so much more.

    I lost an hour reading when I was meant to be writing, except I didn’t lose anything.

    Thank you David.

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  5. OMG thank you so much for sharing this. From the opening paragraph to the very end, I was unable to stop reading. Grateful!

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  6. So true. Regular order of life is generally disorder.

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  7. I took a VERY LONG moment and more to read ‘her’ – was subbed to her bookshop news for a long time, I love her books and her writing and I can’t wait to get my hands on The Dutch House…. but what made me come to you NOW is Louise! Because I read her even before I read you but she never writes stuff that gives me a chance to get off with a one liner or so…..

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  8. Wow. ♥️ A dear friend of a dear e-friend of 20 years was diagnosed with a return of pancreatic cancer after a 2-year remission. I bailed on her — couldn’t face one more cancer dance after the most recent two (family). Months later, for weeks, I proof-read my e-friend’s book about her — her love, her holiness, her iconography. Until today, though, I’d never forgiven myself the running away. Love should win.. that’s all. Always. Just let it win.

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  9. What is the next level of “take my breath away”? This article was so beautiful I kept rereading it all day, savoring the many phrases that described my life and what I hope it can be. I would never have read this had I not read your reflections on trips into the city on the train years ago. Both Ann and you are woven into my life by gift and not by accident. Thanks, DK.


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  10. Nice post Louise!

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  11. Thank you David! For your words and the inspiration! ❤

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  1. […] click took me to David Kanigan’s blog place Live & Learn. It was the quote that did it. It appeared in my email before I got to the browser to type in my […]

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