Sunday Morning

[She] says Remember, you’re writing these poems for god.
I’m about to ask her what type of poems god likes
when the wind picks up, sending a flood of small, round leaves down the street. Got it, I say.

—  Chessy Normile, from “There Was a Forest of Pines I Loved for Years,” The American Poetry Review (vo. 49, no. 6, November/December 2020)


Notes: Poem Source – Memory’s Landscape. Photo: DK, Cove Island Park, Nov 12, 2020, 6:45 a.m.


  1. And therein lies the answer

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  2. Oh my. Her words. Your photo.

    I have a friend who says her purpose in life is to let other’s know they take God’s breath away.

    You did that.

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  3. Smiling…
    If there is a God, this God sure speaks to us in the one language we understand best.

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  4. “Ask and ye shall receive!” Anymore questions? 🙂

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  5. The trees and leaves remind me of the cover of one our elementary school readers. Nice.

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    Words of Wisdom!! … “Chessy Normile, from “There Was a Forest of Pines I Loved for Years,” The American Poetry Review (vo. 49, no. 6, November/December 2020).”


  7. I don’t know why Sophia’s albums Hidden Waters, Sacred Ground and Emergence arise to mind after reading this. But they do.

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  8. ‘Perfect’, i peck.

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