Saturday Morning. Walking with Lucy.

4:30 am.

I shake off the cob webs from Tylenol PM.

Read morning papers, blog posts, skim social media.

Read another chapter of Christopher Beha’s “The Index of Self-Destructive Acts.”

Think about my index, and yesterday’s destructive acts. Guzzled two (or was it three?) bottles of Diet Snapple Peach Tea. Sugar Free. No preservatives. Turn the bottle to read the label. Aspartame, sodium, citric acid, potassium citrate, malic acid. Natural, my a**.

And then Nachos. Potato Chips. Three donuts. And, a large (large) number of Hershey’s Nuggets…like on a conveyor belt, I love Lucy and the Chocolate Factory. Oh, that milk chocolate sugar high.

C.S. Lewis said “Life (or Sugar), is as habit forming as cocaine. What then?” What then? What now?

I pause before weigh-in. Regret the Self-Destructive Acts. Inhale. Hope. I ease onto the scale, like tip-toeing is going to pare back a pound or two. A**holes believe that it will move down after yesterday’s performance. Disgusting. Disgusted.

I check the weather app. Think about how many layers I need. Should be one less with the extra layer of glazed donuts. Whale blubber is said to taste like arrowroot biscuits or Stop & Shop Cake donuts.

57° F, but breezy. No jacket. Tee-shirt. Long sleeved sweater. Camera gear. I walk by the island in the kitchen. 3 donuts left. Don’t you dare. Don’t even think about it. My mouth waters. My God, I have issues.

5:30 am.

I’m out the door.

152 consecutive days.

5 mile loop to Cove Island Park and back.

~10,000 steps…

600 calories…

Or approx 3 glazed donuts.


  1. Lucy never grows old, David. She always makes me smile. I recall C.S. Lewis saying something like that. You still inspire me with your early morning walks and breathtaking photography! Erica

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  2. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Awesome morning routine!! And I follow you … I LOVE the Lucy episode! Brings back so many memories!!

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  3. I love it!!

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  4. I understand this so well, an ongoing battle for me as well. sometimes I win, sometimes I lose. the most frustrating part is that I am well aware that the outcome is totally within my control, I know the rules of the game, and there is no one else to blame. glad you got out there and tomorrow is another day.

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  5. Are you 16?

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  6. I admire your perseverance, DK. With the walking, I mean, not with the donuts!

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  7. Perfect, it’s wortht he three donuts!!!! I can’t remember when I had a donut. A huge weakness of mine. They aren’t allowed in the house. After getting the new puppy I’ve lost weight so now I’m more motivated to lay off of the sweets. No cookies in the house for the past two months. Doing good so far.

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  8. I think it’s just that you’re preparing yourself for those 5-mile walks in the dead of winter; those extra donuts will come in handy then.

    and if there was a vegan donut place near me, I’d be in big trouble…

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  9. Michael Zahaby says:

    I was married to that woman for 29 years. Our neighbors called us “the Lucy & Desi Show”. Thanks for that clip. It brought back fond memories.
    And oh about those 600 cals, they are not permanent. Keep moving

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  10. Lucy was so great 🙂 If you’ve seen her in some early films, the redhead was so gorgeous! You can imagine that I must have a story or two about adventures surrounding viewing of Lucy’s different show series…./// hmm…I wondered about the calories of the glazed donuts…210 – 240 a piece…in comparison glazed donut holes are a slim 55 calories if a person could hold themselves to three that would be less to walk off…I was eating some Taleint Gelato just yesterday (we needed some room in the freezer) this was the second visit to that container of Dark Raspberry Chocolate Chip over the course of a few days and I though hmm….do I consume what is left or do I stretch it to 3 visits which if I left just a little I could spoon a little bit into a ziploc and save if for later…I though well that ziploc might get hung up in the freezer door slider, so I ate the pint in two visits…I have an active sweet tooth and it obviously shows! He came home from Trader Joe’s on Wednesday with unsolicited package of 4 gluten free chocolate cupcakes with butter cream frosting! I scraped 90% of the frosting off and had 1/2 a cupcake, this morning I had the other half…I have TOO! Stop Eating Sugar…my doctor said Sugar once a month! This will not happen…

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  11. It’s all about balance …. 😆

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  12. You’re up and out the door before dawn every single day, pal, so we know that willpower and discipline are NOT the issue. It’s desire that’s tripping you up. The minute you decide there are things more important than the hit you get from the sugar, you will be a free man. Just sayin’….😉

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  13. Oh we used to love watching Lucy!! Change one thing my friend. Just one thing and the rest will follow. SIT.🧘‍♂️

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  14. I will binge like that on occasion. Hate myself for it afterwards. Does it stop me from doing it again? Nope. So I try to keep things I love away from me. I ate a container of Heavenly Hash ice cream in four sittings. Funny thing was, I had it in the freezer unopened for over a week. Open up that puppy? Buh-bye. Sigh.
    I love Lucy!

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  15. The self-deprecation is far less impressive than the consistency with which you venture out…

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  16. Isn’t it great to give in to such cravings? From time to time – don’t (at least) regret it. It’s only THEN when you spoil the mood – one minute in the mouth and one year on the hips…. HH is just like this. You can feed him a glorious menu with starter, salad, main and a dessert. Then give him the chance to pass by the fridge, some chocolate, biscuits or cake,, he’ll have that one too – and then maybe an apple or a pear. I have 2 people in my family circle who eat 3x as much as me but just looking at their eating piles 3pounds on my already Rubenesque body. THEY stay slim as a string – SO annoying…. I do admire you for your walks and I do forgive you for your sweet sins. But we both know it’s unhealthy. But you also are a big boy!

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  17. We are all blessed to have had Lucy in our lives! More laughter, less misery. I have had a disabled client who has a great sense of humor, and when she’s gone through an extra rough patch, she goes and watches Lucy shows.
    And, now to be serious and boring: If you totally eliminate sugar from your diet, it eliminates the craving for it. When my 3 kids were little I decided to use good substitutes. I baked several times a week and used honey or maple syrup or frozen apple juice, or dried fruits. In the process I made several cakes that turned out weirdly, but my children ate heartily. This was not a religion or even a rule–just a kick I went on. [by the way, I cooked with butter and cream and cheese] Eventually, I found that eating something with sugar in it gave my tongue an odd sensation. Now, I bake with Lakanto–looks and tastes like sugar but it’s healthy, and even has no calories (Monkfruit is its source).
    …Remember Lucy and “vita meeta vegimen”?

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