All My Friends

This book is dedicated to the voices in my head, the most remarkable of my friends.

And to my wife, who lives with us.

Fredrik Backman, the opening dedication to his new book titled “Anxious People: A Novel” (Atria Books, September 8, 2020)



  1. one of my very, very favorite authors and I just bought this book yesterday, I have loved every single thing he’s written and read his interviews about his personal challenges with life and fame. I can’t wait. my favorite book of his so far was, ‘my grandmother told me to tell you she’s sorry.’ extraordinary.

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  2. Like a Beth, I am a big fan. Into the queue it goes. ☺️

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  3. Love his dedication. I’ll read it for Ove!

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  4. to my wife who lives with us! love it!

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  5. Dang. That pile beside my bed keeps getting bigger!

    Love the dedication.

    My brother-in-law sent a link to my Sundays with Beaumont blog after the friend met Beau at their house. The friend asked him, “It sounds like it really is Beau talking. How does she do it?” My brother-in-law responded, “Because her mind is a very busy place.”

    Harrumph. I can relate. 🙂

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  6. you are the second person this week to recommend this book – I guess that’s a sign that I should read it… thanks for the recommendation!

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  7. I so love Fredrik Backman’s writing 🙂

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  8. Backman is an amazing writer! Have this next on my “to read” list.

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  9. Dang it! And I just bought Ove…sigh.

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  10. Ove was one of the books I first thought I shouldn’t have bought. That guy was SO extraordinarily unhospitable, no replies, no charm, no nothing – and then, one slowly ‘discovered’ him and started loving him – a truly unforgettable book. I’d love to read any other fiction of this writer. And he’s young too – but really, knowing that he’s a Swede, I can vouch for that particular behaviour (Ove’s), is also partially Swedish. I’ve worked for a Swede as well as his swedish solicitor…. It was quite a steep learning curve of social behaviour (or not) with those guys. Maybe, if I’ve still got some sight after having read all my unread books, I shall have a go at another Backman.

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  11. I meant to say too that this is such a ‘typical sentence’, voices in his head being his remarkable friends…. such a great dedication!

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  12. That’s one of the best dedications ever! I’ve loved all his other books and can’t wait to read this one.

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  13. Sounds like a must read. Love a sense of humor. It’s gotten us through five years of dating and 42 of marriage!


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