Walking. With the World all right again…

It’s been a month.  I first wrote about them in a post here: Walking. One Short. From Wing to Wing.

Each morning I look for them, and I just see her.  And the heart sinks a wee bit… Was he hurt? Predators? I shudder to think…

See her above. That’s yesterday morning. Alone. Head down. (And her Head is blurry. That’s not her tears. That’s the idiot photographer who still can’t get it right, but it’s the best shot of her that he had.)

For most of the last 30 days, she’s off on her own on the edges of The Cove, mostly sleeping. Grieving, I’m sure.

So, this morning, I’m off on my walk, expecting a replay.

I’m halfway on my 5-mile loop, and my eyes scan the water for the snow white coat. 

1/4 mile up, I see two.


I blink.


I scurry to catch up to them, worried that I won’t be able to get a shot.  (Desperately trying to avoid Ray saying I’m makin’ up sh*t again.)

I take ~70 shots, thinking that a blind squirrel has to trip into at least 1 acorn.

I watch them.

She won’t let much distance get between them. Lost him once, won’t happen again.

I watch them round the corner and disappear.

I tuck my camera gear away and walk back.


The World is all right Again.

If you can’t get enough of these two, here’s the full unedited photo set from this morning: Sept 4 2020: Swan(s), Are Back! The Cove – Stamford, CT.  (Related Swan posts: Swan1)


  1. Awwww

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  2. Covid? Schmovid! The world’s alright, DK. ❤

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  3. Thank goodness! When other aspects of life go awry (and these days, there are usually several crises from which to choose), it helps to be able to say, the swans are back together. I wonder what happened to him?

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  4. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Awesome nature … “I tuck my camera gear away and walk back.
    Sigh. The World is all right Again.”

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  5. My ❤️ is full!

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  6. Sighing deeply. Such natural beauty rinses the yuck right out of the world!

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  7. The perfect beginning to my weekend, pal. So glad that the world is back on its axis…at least in the twilight hours… 😉

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  8. Just be careful you don’t rush into the water with that camera blocking the view of where you’re going. But for the perfect shot it might be worth it. I definitely operate on the blind squirrel method myself. It does pay off sometimes. Seems you found a few acorns on this outing.

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  9. Sometimes…perhaps and then again…it’s the small things that count.

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  10. How sweet is this? 💜 I’m so happy she found him again, thank goodness. Beautiful photos💜

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  11. Tears in my eyes as I read this…

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  12. Yeah! /// I hope the older gent you’ve written about & spoken to see the swan couple and can go home and tell his wife that they were drifting along side by side, again…/// remember that you spoke to him…try speaking to the morning waver on Anthony Lane -hope that was the name of the street?

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  13. Makes me think of the two swans that went on vacation in Europe. Chateau d’ Swan Lake. They got to their room and discovered they forgot to bring condoms. called down to Room Service.
    Five minutes later there is a knock on the door.
    ‘Your condoms sir”
    “Thank You”
    Would you like me to put them on your bill?”
    “Um, no, I got it from here”

    Of course its better when Garrison Keillor tells it.

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  14. Oh this is beautiful!! Swans have such beautiful majestic energy. And they glide through life so easily. This story reflects faith, that although we cannot see what we want ahead, it does not mean it is not there waiting for us, in the right time, and the right place. Well done 👏👏

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  15. Vera Kanigan says:

    Thanks for bringing us to “Wonderland”!

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  16. balance is restored.

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  17. I am SO happy!!!

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  18. I know nothing about swans – will they stick around all winter?

    If so, maybe you’ll see some baby swans in the near future.

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  19. Gosh – the world does seem right again. Thank you for this Dave 🦢💛🦢

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  20. What a delicious delight of a post!

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