Saturday Morning

Twilight. August 15, 2020. 5:40 to 5:50 am. 70° F. Humidity 74%. Wind: 8 mph. Gusts: 16 mph. Cloud Cover: 16%. The Cove, Stamford, CT. (And for those tracking the lonely Swan, link here.)


  1. Beautiful, DK. Just beautiful.

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  2. Mother Nature’s palette is breathtaking. Glad you were there to enjoy the show, pal!

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  3. Lovely David 🧡have a beautiful day ~ smiles Hedy ☺️

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  4. Great shots!

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  5. Hey! You’re getting pretty good with that camera! When I try to take sunrise or sunset pics, I have a hard time getting the red not to fade out. Well done, DK. Beautiful.

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  6. Wonderful

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  7. beautiful photos, David. If you carry your phone with you, I’d be curious to see what the difference in quality is between your phone and the Fuji when taking such pictures…

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  8. Michael Zahaby says:

    94% humidity at 5AM? Reminds me of Beirut in August

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  9. Simply stunning.

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  10. what a lovely welcome to the day

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  11. So so beautiful. Any swans?….


  12. Beautiful captures for my book!! Ha 👏👏🌈 thank you

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  13. Bet you took a Deep Breath of that Bold, Awe Inspiring morning gift of Beauty…

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