Monday Morning: Back to Work?

#justsaying from poppins-me

Notes: Image via poppins-me


  1. ahhhhhh! yikes!!! nooooo!

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  2. Wondering when things will ever really return to normal. I find myself pining for a simple meal out. The idea of sitting in a restaurant and having a relaxing meal sounds positively exotic….😢

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  3. At least the commute is easy! Can’t imagine how I would feel if I had to get in the car and go to work!!

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  4. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Back to work? Naw … I’m retired!!

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  5. really??? oh, that’s the best(est ever) GiF for that situation! btw, HH is sitting opposite me and he’s pulling at his newly grown hair and jumping from his chair, earbuds mounted, eyes fixed on his screen, but clearly not in a ‘winning discussion’….. maybe I should send him the Gif, what do you think?!

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  6. See, for me, I’m all backwards. Today is Saturday, silly.

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  7. Valerie Meluskey says:

    ah-h the Muppets! Did anyone see what Sesame Street is doing for the Syrian refugee children (hundreds, maybe thousands) in Jordan? They have a Syrian team with puppets and clever ways to teach…the Sesame Street way. Takes money to set up all theses tents or refugee shacks with broadband reception, and it contributes something to these people in limbo for 5 years! More Muppets…..

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  8. How will you still take photos? 🤭

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