One of My Favourite Things

One of my favourite things about in person conversation…..watching someone become more and more comfortable making eye contact with you. You’re watching a soul unfold, like a flower.

~ lilcowgirl7

Photo: “Cleome” on Morning Walk. 6:10 am. July 16, 2020. Hollow Tree Ridge Road, CT


  1. Isn’t it interesting though how we now HAVE to rely on seeing our ‘talk partner’s’ eyes as we no longer can perceive their reactions by looking at their mouth, lips, their face in general!
    Eyes are the mirror of the soul; it’s good to be reminded of this, from time to time.

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  2. oh, that’s it exactly.


  3. Beautiful flower. I’ve never seen a Cleome before.

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  4. A symphony of word and image, pal. Bravo! And love Sawsan’s comment that “the soul seeps from every part of us.”

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  5. The virtual conversations here are pretty good 😀

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  6. what camera are you using?

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  7. Valerie Meluskey says:

    Beautiful visually and poetically…I know I crave beauty…and love responding to humor…ever ready for either…

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  8. I have a response to that too. Wanna hear it?
    No…………..I don’t need your smarty pants retorts. Just breathe, okay?
    I am…and it feeds a bit of the fire, that’s all.
    Good…burn inside, jut NMBY.
    No, I have blossoms too….. are we mixed yet?
    who’s who
    who’s on first? who’s got beautiful buds? A lot of us?

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  9. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Agree!! Nothing beats ‘in-person’ interaction!! … “You’re watching a soul unfold, like a flower.” ~ lilcowgirl7


  10. Yours is one of the only blogs that I read all the comments. You have created quite the beautiful community, you know that? Of course you know that. You’re pretty smart…

    And yes, to this post. That is something wonderful when you have earned the trust from the other person and can visibly see them relax and give you part of their soul (as Sawsan so brilliantly put it).

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  11. New friendships are exciting. Like new love. Only you don’t have to get divorced from your current spouse, so less complicated, lol.

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  12. For sure!

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