Morning Walk (90 sec)

Written by Harry Stead, Why Long Walks Will Change Your Life (Human Parts @


  1. I really love it 🤗

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  2. Thank you David. This is so perfect and reminds me of my own journey into walking.

    Take care,


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  3. Yes, yes, YES!

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  4. We can never underestimate the power and shift that walking and sitting in nature has on us! It’s changed my life 🌈💕

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  5. Fantastic! Communing with nature in the early morning hours really is sustenance for the soul….

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  6. david, i love every word of this and can so identify with it, exactly what happens to me, and when i ‘discovered’/embraced walking a few years back, it truly, truly changed my life. i’m so glad it is doing this for you, i seem to have nagged you about it for years, telling you to slow down and stop racing with yourself. i see it in your writing and your increased sense of calm.

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  7. I’m still not there; when I switched from running to walking, I was, and am, still focused on my heart rate and trying to beat my time from the previous day, treating it as just one more thing to knock off my to-do list. this sounds wonderful, but it would be a hard transition…

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  8. Thank you David
    David is the name……….of my brother. One of
    my favorite names. I love names…and naming…children, things…even titling my work. Untitled was always “the wimpy way out” of the task. I’m reconsidering all of that anyway. So what? Some things –some names — need time to find themselves, That sounds a little new age-y. I try to resist new age (y) the name NEW AGE…it hollers, it hurts my ears.

    Ansel Adams and Cartier Bresson ( both muse about knowing when to click the shutter. “You just trust your fingers.” We should all be so transcendent. Trust our fingers on the keyboard to always make beautiful marks on the page…
    NOT…? I am no photographer. But I was married to one for 26 years. He liked to observe things. Beautiful really–I admire that. But he also didn’t like to jump INTO things,,, and his natural–NATURAL –reserve… was not natural for me. That’s what it came down to. Different natures. Doing the same work. Different tools. Beautiful shot.. Stops me in my tracks. Makes me click the shutter back at ya… with my medium.

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  9. I tried to make that a link to Bresson’s images, but ..can insert links in reply boxes?

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  10. Finishing morning coffee and out for my walk 🙂

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    #ThisMorningWalk … Why Long Walks Will Change Your Life (Human Parts @ So true!


  12. I just came in from my walk – having a dog ensures I walk an hour every morning and evening. It is one of life’s delicious pleasures.

    This video — captivated me and sang to my heart.

    I love that in your walking you are discovering so much more of life, nature and your natural magnificence.

    So many gifts to share and so much more time to share them as you slow down.

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