TGIF: Morning Swim

Daybreak. Mallard & her ducklings, in formation. 5:53 am. June 12, 2020. 67° F. Wind: 4 mph. Gusts: 8 mph. Cloud Cover: 73%. Special Weather Watch: Areas of dense fog locally early this morning. Weed Ave, Stamford, CT.


  1. a beautiful start to the day, you are like a loving uncle

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  2. Epic photo. You are giving Eric a run for the money.

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  3. So lovely. And how lucky that you have this within reach! I have to walk far to get the the St. Lawrence River.

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  4. Adorable! You must’ve smiled the whole while! I wonder if ducklings/goslings take turns being the last in line.

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  5. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Morning swim … they are still there!! Mallard & her ducklings … Awesome ‘family’!


  6. No “me” time for that mother duck. Full time job.

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  7. Lovely, just lovely….. such a peaceful moment.
    I was once househunting in CT…. but the areas I really liked were wahaaaayyy too expensive. And some trustworthy friend told HH that he should NOT accept the offered job as the company who hunted him would perish…. So I returned the RED Thunderbird the company gave us as a rental (swallowed a small lake of gas for every 40 miles) and we both flew back to England – and the company folded less than 8 months later….. But I had fond memories of the places we visited.

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  8. great photo – how could you have a bad day after a start like this?

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  9. Such exquisite nature. ❤

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  10. Beautiful stillness. 🙏🏻

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  11. I needed to see this. Thank you, David. Cher xo

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