Morning Meditation



  1. Aaah, this feels GREAT! Thank You Alison, Dave and all the others who allowed us to partake in this meditative moment.

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  2. Oh wow… I never would have thought the trumpet could be so relaxing. I listened, closed my eyes and felt myself drift away. Course it’s 4 am.and I didn’t want to be awake…
    Off to find a longer piece!
    Thanks, David!

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  3. Being Kiki, I HAD to check out this unusual word Gymnopédie, knowing it as a French word containing gymn….(astique) = gym
    Was intrigued but saw a ‘hidden dance’ in this slow moving music and YEP, it is – and an even better one than anyone could have thought:

    Aah Satie – a composer full of carefully hidden surprises.
    BTW, the other two links are also very well done – and well worth exploring. And to finish: I’m not a Satie fan but these really, really hit the spot. Thanks again.

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  4. so calming and beautiful. i’ve never heard trumpet playing quite like this –

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  5. Lovely limpid, languid tune….

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  6. Thank you for the melodic, serene wander through wonder this morning. (Lori’s description is sooo perfect!)

    Satie’s Gymnopédie never fail to move me deep into embodied presence.

    Gratitude for the share.


  7. Wow – I love this with the trumpet. Thank you David for letting us share this moment together. 💕


  8. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Soothing, amazing … “And if you can’t get enough of Gymnopedie, don’t miss Rob’s other posts including Satie, Gymnopédie No. 1 and Satie, Gnossienne No. 1!”

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  9. Valerie Meluskey says:

    Thank you for such an unusual morning meditation! Satie always intriguing, and this gorgeous woman, Alison Balsom, is masterful with the trumpet!

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  10. Christie says:

    That was lovely, thank you…/// I dated a cute trumpet playing teenage boy when I was a teenager, he was old enough to drive (two years older than me), he brought me chocolates and perfume on my first car date, he pulled over in a residential (about a mile from home) to give me the gifts, he happened to stop in front of my Aunt Helen’s home!!! …we went to a concert Grand Funk Railroad!..he also called me long distance he was on vacation with his family and he wanted to firm up the plans for our 1st date… Later in the summer I found out that trumpet players are good kissers…he lived in another school district -so once the school year started up again…he lived to far away to continue seeing each other…plus his Mom had a heart attack that summer…he drove a VW bug and rode a motorcycle We were co-workers When he asked me out I said he’d have to ask permission from my Mom…she came to pick me up and all three of my sisters were in the car!!! he was brave to ask my Mom and I was embarrassed…all my sisters teased the heck out of me on the drive home…I smiled as I wrote this…

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  11. Christie says:

    I took his advice and took a listen, was delighted -hope you enjoy as well…good way to start a morning…
    Mike, wrote in his most recent newsletter…
    “Hillary Hahn playing Bach; I play this every morning since the virus took hold. Hillary playing the violin is so personal and expressive, I think she is touched by the Divine.”
    Mike is very intelligent, well read and a nice man…
    Healing Waters Lodge and Lewis and Clark Expeditions (World Class Fishing)
    Pretty photos of Montana & videos on his website, if anyone is interested…

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  12. Steve Renfro says:

    Hammock Papers is a great site, part of my daily visits for about 2 years. Gymnopedie #1 is my fav. Sometimes when I’m at the doctor I’ll hum it to myself while they take my blood pressure. its usually good for about a 10 point drop.

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  13. Chrisite says:

    I forgot to include a link to Hilary Hahn performing Bach!

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  14. LOVE all Satie. It always makes me think of a woman in a beaded dress on a rainy evening.

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  1. […] then, I visited David Kanigan at Live & Learn. Listened to the morning meditation he offered up. Alison Balsom playing […]

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