Saturday Forecast: 55° F / Breezy

The New Yorker Cover: “Blown Away,” by Tomer Hanuka.

“The cover for this year’s Spring Style Issue is the fourth by Tomer Hanuka, an Israeli artist known for his striking use of color.

Q: We like the gestural quality of the woman’s pose. How does body language factor into making an image like this?

“I start with a gesture, just a line, and build a story around it. There are so many rules about drawing anatomy, and sometimes you need to break all of them to make a pose work. An image like this begins with a realistic sketch of a body, but in the end I want the physicality to disappear. I want the reader to be left only with an idea or a feeling.”


  1. If I lived in the States, I would frame each single one of those covers. This is pure genius, but the artist doesn’t leave us with ‘just an idea’. It still is a gorgeous image of a woman – with an idea! 🙂

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  2. The lightness and whimsy of this image are particularly appealing at the moment…. gifted guy.

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  3. So pleasing when yearning for a glimmer of this feeling!

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  4. we need this happy, breezy feeling about now –

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  5. Ah yes. Dandelion wishes blowin’ in the wind!


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  6. Christie says:

    We walked along the creek earlier…the bright yellow buttercups are blooming in mass…it might snow tonight and tomorrow morning…My sisters have snow in their areas…they live in a different state then me and they rarely get snow…

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  7. This how we need to feel

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  8. Christie says:

    I like Tomer Hanuka cover illustration and his words…“I start with a gesture, just a line, and build a story around it” When I was creative about 3 years ago I used to randomly write down words, or come up with a phrase, or a sentence and build paragraphs, sometimes longer thoughts, kinda like a short story….

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  9. And I have my copy in hand!

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