TGIF: Schitt$ Creek

“Moira, it’s like on the inside I feel like I’m 19 years old, and then I catch a glipse of myself in the mirror, and I realize that I’m so…not.”

“Oh, Jocelyn, you’ll soon learn that we aging mortals are blessed with weakening eyes and memories so that we really don’t have to see ourselves. If you love the number 19, you go be 19.”

~ Schitt$ Creek, S5: E5 “Rock On!”

Don’t miss top Moira Rose clips on Schitt’s Creek: Click Here.


  1. Yes, go tell my knees and ankles that they are 19…. and listen to the laughter

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  2. Thank you for the reminder, DK! That we’re mortals and not getting any younger.

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  3. I am soooo there!

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  4. it’s all in the attitude. p.s. I am a huge fan of this show

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  5. And it’s funny… It’s twice I see this quote in recent days… Must be a sign.

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  6. In my mind, I’m stuck at a magic number below my chronological age. It like it and I am hanging on to it, despite whatever other trash talkin’ my body is doing. 😉

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  7. I’m the one looking in the mirror in the morning and hyperventilating: What’s this old woman doing in my bathroom….
    Never saw or knew that show but just watching this compilation exhausted me deeply… I wonder why?!

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  8. Perfect!!

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  9. My body feels older than it is and is riddled; with pain

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  10. great show – Beth is the one that told me about it…

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  11. Moira is my hero! Especially now that I’m over 50!

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