Read: Dear Edward

Just before lunch service, Veronica takes a short break in the front corner of the cabin, next to the kitchen… Wind is what she misses most, up in the sky. The airplane air isn’t as bad as passengers say it is; she never likes when people spout opinions without bothering to gather the facts first. Airplanes take about 50 percent of the air collected in the outtake valves of the passenger compartment and mix it with fresh air from outside. The air is then passed through filters to be sterilized before it’s introduced to the passengers. So the air on the plane is clean, and not worthy of complaint, but still, Veronica can taste the effort in it. Every time she leaves an airport, she appreciates the unpredictability of each inhale. There might be a soft gust of wind, or the smell of popcorn, or the heaviness that precedes a rainstorm. She notices nuances in the air that everyone else is immune to, with the exception of submariners, probably, and astronauts. People for whom the earth is not enough; their freedom is off the ground. Veronica enjoys the unbridled nature of the outside world in small doses, but this is her home. She is the fullest version of herself at thirty thousand feet.

~ Ann Napolitano, Dear Edward: A Novel (The Dial Press, January 6, 2020)

Highly Recommended.



  1. what an interesting perspective, sounds intriguing –

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  2. Have had it in my queue for a bit now. Just moved it up to the top…☺️

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  3. fascinating outlook. The thing with the air is one for me too. I small FAR more than my husband and I make similar experiences as this author (w/o ever thinking of putting it on paper though… 😉 ) – and I no longer say I’ll put this or that book on my reading wish list as I’m right now packing away HUNDRED of books to be thrown away as no company of all those I contacted would take them…. I shall move with maybe 2-400 of my ‘darlings’ and in the future I’ll have to think long and hard before buying more books (I still have another 3-500 to read which will be taken to Switzerland over the months to come)

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  4. I’m thinking you can relate to Veronica… Or maybe, she has made you think of it every time you hop in a plane 🙂
    Added to my queue!

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  5. Heartily wish I could say the same, but the one thing I don’t like about flying, bussing or driving is the ing part of it all!

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  6. Researched the story behind the book, had no recollection of a plain crashing in Libia in 2010, googled that too, so many planes crashed in 2010 and don’t remember any of them 🤭

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