At the trial of God, we will ask: why did you allow all this?

North American songbirds have been shrinking steadily in size over the past 40 years, according to scientists who measured tens of thousands of the feathered creatures from dozens of different species and attributed the changes to rising temperatures.

As the birds’ bodies got smaller, their wings gradually got longer, the scientists said in a paper published Wednesday in the journal Ecology Letters. The longer wings, the researchers said, may help offset the loss of body mass so the birds can fly efficiently on their long migrations. The changes were too small to be apparent to the naked eye, the scientists said, amounting to a gram or so in weight per bird and a few millimeters change in individual wing length…

Migrating birds in the modern world face many hazards affecting their growth and survival, from vanishing nesting grounds, dwindling food sources and pesticide use, to domestic cats, which kill up to 3 billion birds annually. Collisions with high-rise buildings kill another 600 million or so migrating birds every year.

~ Robert Lee Hotz, from “Songbirds Are Shrinking in Size, Study Finds. Scientists pin drop-off in size of North American songbirds on rising temperatures” (, Dec 5, 2019)


Post inspired by: “At the trial of God, we will ask: why did you allow all this? / And the answer will be an echo: why did you allow all this?”  by Ilya Kaminsky, from “A City Like a Guillotine Shivers on Its Way to the Neck,” Deaf Republic

And further inspired by: “But there’s something undoing about the dying light of mid-afternoon. In that empty old house on Marlborough Road all that had stitched me into this life came undone and I couldn’t escape the feeling that folded against my back were wings that had failed to open. ~ Niall Williams, “This Is Happiness” (Bloomsbury Publishing; December 3, 2019)


  1. The natural world is an amazing, incredibly complex place, attuned to vibrations we scarcely comprehend. We disrupt it at our peril. And I *love* that quote….

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  2. this is so sad

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  3. It is the echo that haunts me – why did we allow all of this? Why are we allowing the extinction of animals more magical than words can describe? Why are we allowing our air to strangle our breath instead of enhance it? Why do we destroy the oceans? Why? Why? Why? I need to go outside an listen to a songbird…

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  4. This is such an incredible, wonderful but also haunting report. Incredibly wonderful in as that they adopt by growing longer wings, terribly sad because WE humans have to face to a lot of questions for the demise of birds, animals, nature and its treasure chest of invaluable goods.
    Beautiful, beautiful photo – I feel it breathing…

    I have however a bone to pick with the title giving. This mess is men’s doing, God has nothing to do with it. God gave men a free will. They do what they do on their own will, as we see proved every single day. My heart is bleeding with this ‘story’.

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  5. I was thinking that over the millennia, animals have evolved – think birds being the descendants of dinosaurs. Species come and species go; new ones are discovered, others become extinct. The circle of life on this planet.

    Men may have pushed the Earth to deteriorate or change faster than it would have naturally… Nature has changed the topography: ice ages, floodings, etc…

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  6. climate change is so disruptive, in so many ways…

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    • oh Sawsan, that is TERRIBLE – and not even new (2012/12/10)!
      I just wonder how you get across such reports…. Not that I *really* need to know because I’m depressed enough by reading Dave’s post, but as a matter of interest.

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      • Sawsan, I’m with Kiki here.

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      • A friend posted it on Facebook last night. She’s very conscious of how she lives her life. She lives on a farm in Indiana and does a great job reducing her own carbon negative lifestyle.
        One doesn’t have to live on a farm for that. I admire her will though.

        Carbon neutral means that an activity releases net zero carbon emissions into the atmosphere.

        Climate positive means that an activity goes beyond achieving net zero carbon emissions to actually create an environmental benefit by removing additional carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

        Carbon negative means the same thing as “climate positive.”

        Carbon positive is sometimeshow organizations describe the previous two definitions. It’s mainly a marketing term, and understandably confusing–we generally avoid it.

        There’s only one Carbon negative country in the world, Bhutan.

        I know this is all depressing, but it’s important to know.

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  7. It is interesting to understand what God is doing with this. The wonderful song bird gets moved to a special wrap environment while an image that is different is allowed to be depreciated to communicate that there is something happening at the special wrap area to participate in. People who research have not been able to see at this wrap area, but depending on your understanding of when to move, you could. It is also true that as God moves one interest to infinity, “He” is placing another that is related. Something else to look around for. The song birds in their special environment, understand God to the temporal world and someone could focus on them together with God during contemplation and be aware to something uniting life together.

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