Beautiful image, triggering incredible highs and bottomless darkness.

Orphaned Apollo loves to run alongside his Keepers on their daily walkabouts but when he’s not galloping about, he loves a belly rub which never fails to lull him into a blissful stupor. Find out more about his daily routine: Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.  And don’t miss this video.


  1. A program featuring the San Diego Zoo (on Animal Planet channel) showed a baby rhino and his mother both responding to their keepers as if they were docile dogs. I’m sure these are not the responses of wild rhinos, but it is interesting to see how smart and informed people can have incredible experiences with otherwise wild animals!

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  2. I want to take care of this little one…

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  3. this is amazing, and a ray of light in challenging times

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  4. What a magical place and that baby! Another destination added to the bucket list! 😊

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  5. That’s all I ever aspired to…. sent from TGV train Zurich-Paris 🙂

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  6. Leave it to DK to find these gems.

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  7. Man. You really know how to bring on the waterworks first thing in the morning. My heart just melted.

    I think the saddest thing about zoos and animals in captivity is that the reason they are there is because of what we, the human caretakers of this planet, are not doing well — creating a world where all can roam freely and safely without being threatened by humans.

    And as an aside, I’ve never thought of hippo’s as ‘cute’. This guy changed my mind and brought to mind a song my daughters loved to sing when they were little… so many years later I finally understand their fascination and wish! 🙂

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  8. There are beautiful people out there. It is beyond sad that Apollo was orphaned but thank goodness for these people who rescued him…

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  9. Beautiful!

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  10. Beautiful!


  11. aaaaawh – this is such an incredibly sweet and awesome rescue story. Just read the text of the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust about Apollo’s rescue. What brave men and how wonderful that this beast could be saved.
    He sure loved his mud bath and he gallops very elegantly behind the running keeper…. such a great heart-warming story.
    Thank you for sharing – made my homecoming so much better – 😉

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  12. Simply beautiful

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  13. wonderful video, thanks for sharing. Apollo looks better behaved than my dog… 🙂

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