Monday Morning Wake-Up Call

There is no trace where we were.

No arrows pointing to the place we’re headed.

We are the trackless beat, the invisible light, the thought without a word to speak.

Poured water, struck match.

Before the nothing, we are the moment.

Louise ErdrichThe Bingo Palace: A Novel

Notes: Quote source – Thank you Whiskey River. Photo found @ Match


  1. just a tiny flash in a very big pan

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  2. Though it be small, it is bright

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  3. We are the moment, so we gotta make the best of it!

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  4. What strikes (no pun intended) me most, is the title of the novel: The Bingo Palace…. I expected some ‘deep and grounding’ prose here!
    Great example – seeing myself as just a match (made in heaven?! 😉 maybe?) or a flash in the pan as Beth said…..

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  5. And this is great! We are the here and the now; anywhere else is gone or not done yet so be present.

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  6. I can’t sleep but it is 7am

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  7. just returned from my prolonged trip back to France (they strike all the time but when they don’t, they just diminish the speed of the high-speed-ha-ha-ha-train to that of a bicycle for 15 minutes) and find your geyser of comments to comments made to comments of comments…… You amuse me greatly my friend! As for being ‘neutral’; isn’t it great to be Swiss? We don’t EVAAAR have to justify a decision because we can just claim to be neutral. I’m however one thing NOT. Passive-aggressive – I don’t even know how I could be that 😉
    Lots of laughter here! Ta
    And to you Sawsan too – take note!

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