1. family photo day.

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  2. So, I wake up reluctantly at 0430, telling myself that sane people don’t get up this early. Then I see you posted this almost an hour ago. You are a better man than I am, DK.

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  3. Camels in Russia? I’m learning something new every day. Lovely family photo 😉

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  4. Fabulous family reunion pic!

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  5. Baby camels are so cute!

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  6. It’s a collection of camels, or perhaps a drove of dromedaries? 😊

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  7. My family even can’t pose in the way they are doing. So much of understanding! 🙂

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  8. I was just thinking, there is always one who isn’t looking in the same direction! At least he doesn’t have his tongue hanging out!

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  9. Lovely family portrait.

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  10. Being short has its advantages when looking for shade on a hot day.

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  11. It’s bin day………………don’t telll me it is not, I just heard the garbos

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  12. Sweet photo…”Domesticated Bactrian camels were found in southern Russia by 1700 – 1200 B.C. and even in western Siberia by the 10th century B. C. They were used in China as early as 300 B.C. as the original “silk route” camels, but were replaced by crossbreeds of the Bactrian/dromedary (Tulus)later on.
    History of Camels” › camels › history › history
    Always had an interest in the Silk Route” and if it wasn’t for the camel and ships it would have been a local traded good, with the camel and ships the silk was traded in a vast geographical area…I salivated over the silks in my Mom’s cedar chest, they lived in Japan about 15 years before I was born…My youngest sister was given the fine silk years ago and she had some made into beautiful couch pillows…I wanted some of the silk I use to run my fingers over the smooth surface and then look at the threads of the design from the back side…My mother also had a Japanese Lady doll on a stand protected under glass…she wore a fine Silk Kimono, white painted face, her black hair all fancy, she held a fan and had traditional shoes as well…Our Mom would take the glass of the stand and let us touch the doll & her kimono occasionally…Our Mom had many other treasure from Japan that where bequested to us girls though they were lost, taken in a home burglary, including the strands of Mikimoto Pearl Necklace -she had one for each of us…in the end there are just things the memories are priceless…
    Finally made it home from the hospital, the room was nice and warm!…I will sleep in my own bed tonight…it is our wedding anniversary and it will be about 22 again tonight! Brr…

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  13. @Kiki Thank you so much for your kind comment and the well wishes for getting well and my anniversary…this time it was just some routine test, which I’ve had before…tiring yes! I am thankful it is not Cancer related I had two cancer surgeries this summer…Each breath is a Gift…Kindly, Christie


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