Monday Morning Wake-Up Call

You have to find this stuff, you have to find things, these fragments that you hold to yourself. They become like a life raft, especially as time goes on. As I’ve got older I’ve realised there is a thin line between surviving this life and going under and the things that keep you afloat are these fragments, these things that are meaningful to you. And what’s meaningful to you will be not meaningful to someone else. But whatever it is that matters to you, it doesn’t matter what it is, go and find them and find some way to hold them close to you. Go and get it. Because those are the things that keep you afloat. Whatever it is. These are the fragments I have shored against my ruins.

Michael Sheen, from “David Tennant Does A Podcast with Michael Sheen” (April 22, 2019)



  1. John R. Childress says:

    Somehow, David, you always seem to capture the right mood at the right time with the right wisdom. Thanks as always.

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  2. I LOVE this…

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  3. Much wisdom here, and for me a work in progress. Things that used to seem critical are no longer pressing. Family, friends, mindfulness, gratitude…these are the concerns that now loom large. ‘Have I made a difference in any way to anyone?’ That’s what I find myself asking and attempting, however feebly, to answer in the affirmative.

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  4. the fragments make up our own personal life rafts

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  5. Had to listen to the podcast first, get to know this man a bit, appreciate David Tennant very much anyway, so that was OK. Yes, creating a (even slightly) meaningful life is a full time job and a never ending one.

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  6. My kids and my grand kids. I’m amazed how much my love for them grows as I grow older. Don’t care about my job or the gossip or the bickering online or the state of the president. All I care about is taking care of those I love and helping them grow older, too.

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  7. I love everything about this.
    And it’s funny because I didn’t know David Tennant until I watched “Good Omens” in two sittings – Oh. Em. Gee. A must-watch. It was brilliant, funny, excellent acting…
    I already loved Michael Sheen…Ever since I watched “Masters of Sex”…

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