• Photo @ At the small oasis Merzouga, 53 km south of Erfoud (Morocco), this funny dromedary laughs into the camera (via Pinterest)
  • Background on Caleb/Wednesday/Hump Day Posts and Geico’s original commercial: Let’s Hit it Again


  1. those eye lashes!!!!! to kill for… – I guess they need them for protection. IF there are many flies and stuff in that heat.

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  2. Love this pic!!! Happy Wednesday. xo

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  3. A day for selfie

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  4. a nice smile can make the world go ’round

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  5. That nose looks like velvet…

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  6. They’re such beautiful, soulful creatures. Happy Wednesday, DK!

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  7. Time for my closeup!

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  8. I’m sorry. Did you say something? Do let me give you my undivided attention!

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  9. Ah-h the eyelashes! So maybe that’s why many Arab women have beautiful eyes with those long lashes and full eyebrows…

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  10. Way too close for comfort this morning!

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  11. I love these camel pictures. Happy Wednesday!

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  12. Caleb forgot to shave this morning.

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  13. It was look at me day

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  14. What a lovely face!

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  15. Christie says:

    Such a great shot…

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  16. Christie says:

    Awww…kind of you to remember…from my bed this morning, watched a humming bird checking out flowers …made me smile and I was grateful to have a chance to have that encounter…Wednesday not so good (next time I will go to the ER) was really surprised to wake up Thursday… I did get to see one of those red headed, freckled sisters yesterday! She and her hubby were traveling nearby… it was such a nice visit and the 22 miles each way through the country side so pretty… Today at least at this point, it’s nice and quiet & want it to stay that way…we didn’t sleep well last night…and 4th of July fireworks have already started in the neighborhood…I am wondering with fire danger if the county or city will issue a No firework band…they have the past few years…

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  17. Christie says:

    Caleb looks like he is about to say “Well Now” like the church lady from SNL…this candid shot of Caleb is in my top five favs of him…


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