Driving I-95 S. With Hammer at Rest.

A nothingburger during a nondescript morning commute a month ago.

Not a Vuong nothing Moment that changed everything after it.

But it changed Something.

Why this particular Moment among the billions?

Why is it called up when it is?

And here IT comes again this morning.

This Moment. It’s pulled forward, to the front. Taking its right hand, sweeping aside the incessant swing of the Hammer on the searing molten metal, of not enough, not good enough and Now.

And it’s exactly at this Moment, when the Hammer rests, and Vuong’s luminescence offers its cooling respite.

It whispers listen, pay attention to This. And it hangs around until I do.

The pre-rush hour traffic on I-95 was detoured onto Exit 2. GPS routes me through Port Chester. I pull up to a stop light, and there they are.

Father and Son. Son, maybe 4 years old.  Dad is wearing an overcoat, much too heavy for the season.  Son looks up to his Dad, Dad bends over and picks him up, hugs him tight, then sets him down.

And they walk. Dad’s lunch box swinging in his left hand, his Son’s hand swinging in his right.

Let’s play it again Vuong. One more time.

The Hammer rests, for this Moment.

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  1. I love this so much

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  2. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    ‘Father and Son. Son, maybe 4 years old. Dad is wearing an overcoat, much too heavy for the season. Son looks up to his Dad, Dad bends over and picks him up, hugs him tight, then sets him down.’ … The Hammer rests, for this Moment. … Let’s play it again Vuong.’


  3. 🙂 love this.
    Yesterday was full of moments like this. The hammer hit multiple times. And finally late at night home sitting eating dinner I kept replaying it over and over and over. Wish I had the time to post about it.

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  4. Sent on a detour so you could be a part of “this”… The Universe is lovely like that.
    These are the best moments to witness, aren’t they?

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  5. aaah, those moments, before it all changes – precious!

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  6. I saw Ocean on Seth Meyers last night – what a gentle, wise soul. You found what you needed on that detour. My hunch is that you can find more of them just by re-directing your gaze…

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  7. Love this moment you experienced. It is a gift to capture them and hold them for a time we may need to remember and have faith in human nature again. I was doing a workshop yesterday for teenagers who are grieving. Their stories are so deeply moving and difficult and for a moment I too caught myself, taking in what an honor it is to be here, to listen and to give support today; not knowing how this moment will change all of us over a lifetime. Precious. 🙏🏻

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    • Wow Karen. To be part of that workshop must be something. Thanks for sharing.

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    • Karen, I agree with Dave. I too would have been honoured to be part of your workshop. And it’s good that children and teenagers are also taken in ‘consideration’ and don’t have to stand aside. Many years ago, I heard a teenager say, some months after the death of her elder brother who died in an accident: You know, I can’t hear any more how everybody said How sad it must have been for the parents to lose their child, and they didn’t realise that I had lost too. I lost my brother and ‘partner in crime’…. Luckily, this is now no longer the case, this: You must be strong for your parents (and ultimately, replace your dead brother by being an Übermensch). Thank You for your work you do.

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      • Your story is such a great example of what happens to the siblings of brothers and sister who pass. I love working with teenagers because they are honest and so much wiser than I was as a teenager! It is a privilege to be in their company. Thanks Kiki 💚💕💚

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  8. Here this interview with Seth Meyers:

    If this doesn’t make you tear up with its beauty and depth, I don’t know what can.

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  9. Love it Dave….brought a big smile to my face!!

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  10. Christie says:

    so glad you witnessed a sweet tender moment of love…bet it took you back a few years when you’d be on a walk with one or both of your little ones…

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