Sunday Morning

It’s hard to hurt things.

Isn’t it.

I’m afraid of spiders but I still scoop them cold

into my hands & let them free.

Where’s the church for things like this.

Talin Tahajian, from “No steeple” (Cosmonauts Avenue)

Notes: Poem via bostonpoetryslam. Photo “no bell” by Christian Collins


  1. right inside your heart

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  2. What Beth said….

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  3. Being half Muslim and have Jew exposed me to the greatness and wisdom of both practices all my life, up close and personal. But it have experienced close mindedness at times.
    Few days ago I gathered the little girls in the family to paint their nails. It was a joy filled hour for me and the girls. Then one girl asked her mom, ” How come auntie has nail polish on and we can’t.”

    Her mom replied and in front of everyone, “Auntie doesn’t pray!”

    Later in the evening when I was alone in the kitchen with that woman I asked her what makes her think I don’t pray.
    She said, “I teach my kids that God doesn’t accept our prayers if our nails are colored. How do I justify your behavior to your nieces?”

    I wanted to ask her if she knew of nail colors that God doesn’t accept prayers through. But she had already changed the subject to music being a sin, especially string instruments!”

    How do I tell her that I pray all the time, or that almost all my prayers are answered? Where is the house of worship for that?
    And everyone thinks I’m the devil when they ask what am I and I keep giving them the same answer. I Don’t Know.

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  4. Such a witty, crafty, and totally untrue Sunday quote. I never knew that the Church is there for this. I use mine for other things and carry spiders and beetles outside all on my own.
    Love the title of this photo too!

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  5. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    ‘It’s hard to hurt things.’ …. Talin Tahajian, from “No steeple” (Cosmonauts Avenue).

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  6. Interesting

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  7. My late husband maintained a “catch and release” policy for any and all insects encountered inside our home. He said this was based on Jainism. So there may not be a church for that, but there is a religious priciple in

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