Impossible, not to laugh. RIP Tim Conway.

Tim Conway (Dec 15, 1933 – May 14, 2019) in The Elephant Story.  I spent this evening watching old clips.


  1. Of all the Tim Conway videos to choose from… this one kills me the “mostest”…
    Thow two poor elephants can only go… “ffffsnork!”
    RIP you funny man. We shall miss your giggle and laugh-out-loud inducing humour!

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  2. Good, clean comedy…I loved Tim Conway in all the different roles he played, but especially so when he was the dentist and his arm went limp. RIP.

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  3. He was a tremendous comedic actor – so many memories of watching The Carol Burnett Show with my dad, and his laughter which would devolve into hiccups.

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  4. I used to watch him with my whole family when I was young. one of the times we would all laugh together

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  5. Carol Burnett Show was a must-see in our household, and Conway could always be counted on for antics that induced hilarity. Another good man gone….RIP, Tim. You shall be missed.

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    He was … ‘da man’ … Tim Conway (Dec 15, 1933 – May 14, 2019) in The Elephant Story.

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  7. He was a funny man

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  8. Nothing got us to finish dishes or chores faster than knowing “The Carol Burnett Show” was about to come on — we’d vault over furniture to land in our spots and settle in for an hour of hilarity. I loved him as frustrated intercom calling Mr. Turnball to Carol Burnett’s Mrz Wiggins and as the Oldest Man (shoe salesman) and the Dentist with the numb arm.leg

    OK I loved them all — he and Harvey Korman and the rest of the cast were just so much fun to watch together and they had a way of making us feel like we were all in on the joke.

    His comedic genius won’t be matched anytime soon and we never saw him be mean or put anyone down for a quick laugh. He was a familiar face in our living room, someone we wanted to come on in and stay for a while. RIP funny man!


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  9. I’ve watched this many times and have laughed just as hard each and every time!

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