First Day Back

First day back after 2 weeks off…Sunny side up and Easy, way over easy…

Photo: Slowdown Studio (via Swiss-miss)


  1. way –

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  2. Just 3 days til the weekend, pal!

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  3. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Back on the regular schedule … ready for the new ‘chores’!!

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  4. We call it Mwednesday as it’s not quite Wednesday yet it starts up with a lot of Monday energy. Plus it’s a New Year, so I guess that makes it sunny side up?

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  5. Peggy Farrell says:

    You can do it, Dave! 😊

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  6. oy oy oy….. egg on the face in any form is not.good…… But you can already look forward to Friday Dave – and by the time you’ve greeted and gotten all the news & wishes exchanged, it’s already nearly Thursday 🙂 Courage!

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  7. Pal, I think she has come undone, passed out from being so fried….

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  8. Though, you have a “Peaceful Easy Feeling”…now the soundtrack from the Eagles is playing through my mind…

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  9. Did she make a fool of herself? She has egg on her face….

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  10. Sunny side up and easy – that’s pretty darn positive to me, it is… image aside 😉

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  11. I like my eggs easy over, but not over my face!

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  12. I had round one with the boss the first ten minutes he walked in the door.
    Hello 2019.

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    • LAUGHING. Spewed out my Coke!


      • It went like this:
        “Boss, David is on line one. Would you like to take the call?”
        “Hang up on him.”
        Now that’s the kind of answer I used to get from techs that didn’t want to talk to customers. It was their way of using the “No “ word. The power word. They would eventually pick up, but I had to talk them into it. I hated that. I’m glad those guy are gone.
        But now I’m dealing with a boss that is doing the same thing.
        ‘Hang up on him” he said.
        I thought a moment. “Sir, I don’t hang up on people.”
        I could see him bite his lip. He took the call. But he came back a little later.
        “You better lose that attitude” he said.
        “Hey, I’m not the one telling people to hang up on people”
        Against the current, we beat on.
        Hello 2019.
        Thanks for letting me vent.

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  13. This is like a Monday morning only it’s Wednesday. I’m so confused…not a way to start the New Year.

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  14. Happy New Year Mr K! I’m swimming with the turtles and jet skiing across the waters of Vanuatu and my only decision today is whether I need a nap or not? Oh sorry, that sounds a bit selfish doesn’t it? 😎🏄🏾

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