Epic Beauty and…

The Þjórsá River—Iceland’s longest—is a glacial river, fed by the Hofsjökull glacier, Iceland. The colors and patterns are created by the glacial melt seen flowing through volcanic silt. (Photograph by Jassen Todorov, National Geographic, Pilot’s stunning aerial picture wins National Geographic’s 2018 photo contest, December 6, 2018)

“A concert violinist by trade, Todorov began soaring above the ground in the early 2000s, eventually becoming a flight instructor and igniting his passion to visually capture the aerial world below—including both epic beauty and environmental challenges…When I fly long distances, I listen to a lot of music,” Todorov says. “I’m able to combine music, flying, and photography. Music has a lot to do with structure and composition, colors and patterns, moods and characters—when I am looking at a photo, I am thinking about the same things.”


  1. He’s a bit like a bird. He flies and has music and beautiful sights to see.

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  2. What a stunning photo — I love how his words express what is on his heart which becomes the beauty of what he sees, hears and creates.

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  3. This photo has a certain flow like music, doesn’t it?
    Simply gorgeous!

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  4. Man and nature working together to create a gorgeous visual symphony. Love….

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    Nature is amazing and beyond compare! Priceless … ‘The Þjórsá River—Iceland’s longest—is a glacial river, fed by the Hofsjökull glacier, Iceland. ‘

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  6. How interesting, I read another article about him yesterday but with the same conclusions (obviously) and I always marvel at how news – any sort of them – get sometimes very different interpretations in other countrys’ newspapers.
    Today, THE intellectual Swiss newspaper delivers an interpretation of Macron’s political ‘descent’ – to us who live very close by it is an excellent article but the content is seen from an angle outside the country, not taking in consideration what goes REALLY on and saying that he is not delivering anything at all of his promises…. Which simply isn’t true but the journal also ‘claims’ actions which are expected and which will never be met as it goes against everything that France makes the France we have.

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  7. I’d like to add that I am a totally apolitical person – as a Swiss I’m neutral by definition (but we do have our thoughts and opinions all the same….) 😉

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