Monday Morning Wake-Up Call

With new kids, a new album, and a new look, Jeff Goldblum says he’s just a late bloomer.

“Joe Brevac, my seventh grade teacher, used to write on the blackboard a quote from Abraham Lincoln: ‘I shall study and prepare myself so that when my chance comes, I will be ready.’ Seventh grade, and that’s still –”

“You still remember it?”

“I remember it. And I’m trying to apply it.”

“And you feel ready?”

“What I’m saying is that this late-blooming business, in all aspects of my personage, I’m flowering.

~  Anthony Mason, Jeff Goldblum, 66, Living life like a jazz piece (November 4, 2018)


  1. solid quote. i understand this, as i am a late bloomer myself )

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  2. “Like a jazz piece”, love it…

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  3. Indeed…there’s a lot to be said for not peaking too early…

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  4. Don’t tell me.. he’s bloomed in a goldy sort of colour.

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  5. Love the notion of living an improvisational life. I have always thought of myself as a late bloomer, too. Now I’m feeling that I am in good company…😁

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  6. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Jeff Goldblum … ‘With new kids, a new album, and a new look, Jeff Goldblum says he’s just a late bloomer.’
    Looking good!!

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  7. Time for a new coif David?

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  8. Never too late to bloom! May we all keep learning and blooming…

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  9. He’s just so funny without trying to be – he’s also really good looking and has a lovely voice. I don’t know him to be honest and only was very impressed with him on the Graham Norton Show (I think several times) and in The Grand Budapest Hotel film and maybe in one or two others. As I’m not a blockbuster watcher and have no TV I live a bit on a different planet than most people – but I am perfectly able to scream with delight when he utters something like ‘I’m flowering’ at 66yrs of age 😉

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  10. I’m just beginning to show a petal or two! I’ve always like Jeff.

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