Soon Linus. Soon.

Source: The New Yorker


  1. I missed the “Great Pumpkin” this year…and to think I reminded you to watch it…did you have a chance to watch?

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  2. btw He just took a Apple Pie out of the oven…smells so good…pie, pie wonderful pie! Of course your image share reminds me of delicious pumpkin pie, oh to have to wait a month for that pie!

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    • Drooling!


      • oh dear, the pie crust was a flop, it was a box mix gluten free that you add water and butter to…this morning we took the top off the pie, scooped all the apple pie filling out put it in a fry pan added some brown sugar, heated the contents, it went into bowls and topped off with whole fat plain yogurt , yum – this was followed by scrabbled eggs with melted white cheese, sliced heirloom tomato from the garden with a side of 5 layer dip, bean medley, avocado, salsa, yogurt, cheese which I plopped on top of my eggs, and then the fork’s content meet my mouth… yummy

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  3. Eternally optimistic.

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  4. like the dawn, it will come in its time

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  5. Duped again!

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