Into the mug of morning pour yourself

Into the mug of morning
pour yourself, warm
and dark, your aromatic
presence hugging the hand-formed
divide between inside and out.
Ease from empty into full
until, brim-level, you
rise an swirl, a steamy
mist rejoining its source.

~Sharon Sharp

Notes: Photo: mennyfox55. Poem: Thank you Make Believe Boutique


  1. I can stand that much black – after my large mug of Earl Grey Tea (with a cinamon bark in the pot!) and an espresso! 🙂
    Great poem/quote and photo pairing

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  2. A spiritual joining with the world, using coffee as the matrix. Very nice!

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  3. Wow! Brilliant imagery!

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  4. Coffeeporn. Love it!

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  5. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    To all the coffee drinkers … the potion of gods!!

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  6. i love he first line. it describes the process so well.

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  7. Yes… ease yourself… not jump up, run yourself ragged before your first sip…. not that I *ever* do that…

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