• Inspired by: “We walked at the edge of the sea, the dog, still young then, running ahead of us. Few people. Gulls. A flock of pelicans circled beyond the swells, then closed their wings and dropped head-long into the dazzle of light and sea. You clapped your hands; the day grew brilliant. Later we sat at a small table with wine and food that tasted of the sea. A perfect day, we said to one another…” ~ Peter Everwine, from “The Day” in Listening Long and Late (via Memory’s Landscape)
  • Photographs: Françoise Dufau (France). Photo 1: L’Estuaire (The Estuary). Photo 2: La Dune Du Pilat (The Dune of Pilat). Photo 3: Au-Dessus Des Nuages (Over the Clouds)


  1. and what a perfect day, indeed –

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  2. These carefully selected photos and the excerpt from David Everwine strike a chord this morning. What chord is that? The one that reminds me how small we are in the larger scheme of Nature. Such moments are like Arvo Paart’s wonderful musical composition “Annum per Annum” in which the underlying bass chord that has continued from the beginning fades to a sudden stop before it begins again out of the silence.

    Climate change is reminding us to appreciate the beauty and wonder of Nature, and to leave behind the species hubris that sees life itself as revolving around us. I lift my glass to this post an to you, David, for sharing it.

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    Beautiful perspectives … amazing!!

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  4. That first photo is very “Zen.” We are so small in the scheme of things.

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