Saturday Morning

A cluster of seals rises behind the skiff when I idle away from Peril Island. I feel as if they’re ushering me off, and as if the other animals are watching with relief while I depart: the seals stretched out on warm rocks; the blinking oystercatchers; the fretting gulls and shorebirds; the eagle who flew when I arrived; the peregrine, perched in some distant tree or soaring invisibly against the sun’s corona. I can almost sense the whole place breathing out as its tranquility returns. My deepest impression is that Peril Island and its animals belong to one another, and that there is no rightful place among them for humans.

Richard NelsonThe Island Within


Notes: Photo Credit:  Related Posts: “Richard Nelson”, The Island Within


  1. don’t mess with their peace, man! )

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  2. Fewer and fewer unspoiled places left these days. I can imagine that the inhabitants of Peril Island are happy enough to be left alone. This passage brought to mind a NH artist I recently discovered: Gretchen Hill Woodman. Getting ready to write a feature about her. Have a great weekend, pal…

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  3. I was wondering WHERE such an island could still exist in our time and I’m glad to learn that its name will not be given away. Made me sigh with the wonder of it and happy to know that such places STILL (for now) do exist.
    Wishing you and your readers a happy, carefree Saturday and great weekend. Kiki

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  4. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Early Saturday Morning … as the sun rises up!! … ‘there is no rightful place among them for humans.’ … indeed!!

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  5. So much going on in what we perceive and evaluate, outside of ourselves… is such an invitation to focus inwards and appreciate different perspectives 💛

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