T.G.I.F. (To the long weekend)

Photo: via Newthom


  1. yes!

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  2. Perhaps they’re going to a BBQ, just like us! 😋 Hope you have a relaxing holiday, pal…

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  3. As always, I am glad for you hard-working folk. Maybe holidays won’t be so hard now that I live in a place with more distractions and my routine is still in flux. That’s the story I’m running with.

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  4. where, at two or three years of age, girls are already taught what their daily work will be like

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  5. So beautiful picture. Think of me, every day is Sunday.

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  6. Sorry… that was LAST weekend for us 😉
    That said, I sure hope you do enjoy yours (I worked mine…;-) )

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  7. Cute picture. It’s how we learn, isn’t it? Modeling the parents.

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  8. This would be an “aw!” picture if that little girl didn’t face such a harsh future.

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  9. Precious 💕💚

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