1. A cabal of Calebs!

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  2. camel-flage

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  3. 🙂


  4. School picture day!

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  5. y’all com’on right in and make yourselves at home…

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  6. Priceless!

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  7. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Good morning, Caleb … I’m just waking up! It’s comforting and amazing to see you sweet face!!

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  8. A day for me and other’s too
    Me in front and others just backdrop
    Me me me!

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  9. Those camels look undernourished, don’t they? Good to know it’s Wednesday though. But please, tell that camel owner to feed his animals, would you?

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  10. I see the camels are having a proper hen party. ☺☺☺

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  11. Camelot! Camelot!

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  12. A day at the spa!

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