1. Wow, that’s surreal! Happy Hump Day, pal. You’ve reached the tipping point of the week…enjoy the slide down the back side and into the weekend. 😊

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  2. follow the yellow sand road….

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  3. Wow, the rest of the photos are amazing too.

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  4. Class trip!

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  5. What an amazing shot. Even the shadows are perfect. Thank you drones!

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  6. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    CALEB … I know you were here!!

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  7. Er…what does a camel’s path have to do with the day of the wk? My days pass like a windstorm.

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  8. How gorgeously incredible! Can’t imagine how the drivers or the camels do this. Can’t imagine how the photographer was able to fashion this! Thank you for expanding our world!

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  9. Always wonder where they are going and why. Saw camels arriving from the salt fields when I was in Mali, but other than that…?


  10. This is not the shortest distance between two points.


  11. AMAZING!

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