Let Me Fly Bro, Let Me Fly…

Padre Island National Seashore’s Tom Backof holds a rehabilitated sea turtle before releasing it in to the Gulf of Mexico. Nearly 400 sea turtles were found stunned by the recent frigid weather. After being nursed back to health, the turtles were released at the national park. (Photo by Courtney Sacco, Corpus Christi Caller-Times, AP, wsj.com January 7, 2018)



  1. taxiing and ready for takeoff.

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  2. Magnificent creatures. My heart soars each time I see one being helped along like this….

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  3. Poor little creatures. I too have a tortoise and he is a darling, so quiet will not know where it is roaming in our whole house.

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  4. Soar, my friend…soar

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  5. 🙂 beautiful
    Here in France I have neighbours with a turtle (I have seen it a few times). They ‘bought’ the turtle with the place, some 16yrs ago and the former owner before them bought it with the turtle too. Incredible, really…… Of course, nobody knows the age of the ‘outdoor pet’ but it’s such fun to inherit a turtle, isn’t it?!
    I got to know turtle (whose name I’ve forgotten right now but I can ask them on Friday when they are invited ‘chez nous’ for supper) when I enquired why they’d have those overturned and ‘discarded’ pots in their otherwise orderly garden! It gives the turtle places to hide in the sun or being protected in winter. It is spending winter in a self-digged hole…. Fascinating!

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  6. Wow, I learn something every day, mostly about American ‘writers’…. Living in the heart of the habitat of French Physics’ Royalty (when we moved here, unaware of this vital fact…. 😉 – the only question we heard for a long time: So you must be a professor of physics, aren’t you? – strangely, not I was asked, only my Hero Husband…..) I surely should have known about famous Richard P Feynman …. Well I didn’t but I’m sure our best English friend who also is a theoretical physicists’ genius would know all about him!
    Being anything but a theoretical anything…. (that’s a good one, no?), I only know that this is one name I don’t need to buy books by….. Too much theory; but still waiting for the book ‘Be Glad You’re Neurotic’ I ordered following a post of ours in December! Not sure anymore I want to read that one either 😉 SORRY for my ramble. Stop it NOW Kiki

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  7. Wow.. even sea turtles? It’s scary, David. Up on this coast, frozen-dead sharks on the beach. Never heard of any such thing. Nor of half-frozen iguanas falling out of perches in Florida. I’m so glad folks are trying to help these critters, all. What worries me even more are the homeless, anywhere. And the fact that we’re not likely to do anything in these 4 damned years to rein in this change that almost surely is due to our excesses of pollutions and poisons of all kinds.

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  8. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    ‘Nearly 400 sea turtles were found stunned by the recent frigid weather.’ … rescuers nursed them back and released them … there are good people out there still!!

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  9. Winter is hard on so many animals (including us human animals).

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  10. And how about you? Are you fully rehabilitated yet?

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