Monday Morning Wake-Up Call

Photo: (via Your Eyes Blaze Out)


  1. Soar, my friend, soar…I’ll watch and marvel at your grace…have one more cup of coffee as I do.

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  2. Magnificent!

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  3. just try to keep yourself just high enough that you are off the ground –

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  4. Owls are amazing. I could watch them for hours. Thanks.

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  5. Thank you for editing out the last seconds where the owl scoops up a baby squirrel for breakfast.

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  6. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Simple amazing beauty … it soothes my aching soul!!

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  7. My dear friend David .. I’d like to ask you a question. On another note … I’d like to ask you a unrelated question. Did you receive an email from WordPress about the new privacy policies? They are set to start by Jan 3 … I must confess that I haven’t really checked them but a blogger friend pointed this out to me. She’s even considered closing her ‘spot’ and not blogging anymore. Any enlightening thoughts?
    Thanks so much, in advance!! Hugs … ❤

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  8. I’m stuck in Atlanta with my luggage and book of passwords in the airport so my 2 replies can’t get sent… Thank you for sending this gorgeous creature in flight…now my totem. I’m planning to take flight this afternoon!!!

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    • Wow, Atlanta. I’m so sorry. I’m in flight to Dallas (after 2 hour mechanical delay sitting in plane in LaGuardia) so I guess I should feel fortunate. If we could only fly/glide like this bird! Have a safe trip Valerie.

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  9. I was inspired by your Monday mornings posts to do something at work. See, until Christmas every day is a Monday and every morning is a Monday morning. This one week of the year will make it or break it.
    The team has to get together every couple of hours to recharge and I’m finding great material on your blog to do that. Thank you.

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  10. I love owls. They are the most amazing birds.

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  11. Such powerful beauty. (And I like your header — very festive!)

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  12. I love Owls 🙂 that Owl is a beauty…The image to me illustrates, the Owls seemingly effortless navigation within his world, where his innate gifts allow him to sail in flight, lightly in freedom…

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  13. A.Ma.Zing….. Good Flight to all up in the air and on the wait.


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