It’s been a long day

In our marginal existence,

what else is there but this voice within us,

this great weirdness we are always leaning forward to listen to?

Mary Ruefle, Someone Reading a Book Is a Sign of Order in the World



  1. Right?

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  2. Hmm absolutely true.

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  3. our real voice

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  4. 2 reactions:
    first: I was leaning forward to make out the fab photo…. kudos to Eric Rose
    second: I’m leaning forward and over the table so much right now in my life that I’m nearly falling into this iPad….
    so…. so true!

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  5. That image is absolutely amazing.
    It’s funny, I just got in from shovelling the light, fluffy, sparkly snow that fell. It was absolutely silent. I was alone in the world making a noise. It felt so magical, even as I was sweating in my coat!

    All I could hear was my voice inside me. Well, and the scaping of my shovel, of course. It was magical and weird.

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