T.G.I.F.: It’s Been a Long Week

Photo: The passenger ship ‘Soderarm’ slides in a channel through the ice made by an icebreaker for the daily journey to the island Husaro in the Stockholm archipelago in Sweden on April 5, 2013. (Anders Wiklund, Scanpix, AFP, Getty Images) (via Newthom)


  1. slow and steady

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  2. Some weeks feel like we’re moving through ice – too slow and treacherous

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  3. leaves me breathless….

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  4. Remember, slow and steady wins the race! But on Friday afternoon. Let’s get out of here… ✈️

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  5. Someone had to break the ice.

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  6. What a cool photo! At first glimpse, the ice looks like asphalt. And Van’s comment is priceless!

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  7. Who needs that kind of anxiety?!

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  8. perfect image, David. sums up December so far it seems. I think my boat is a bit smaller than that one though. or, the ice is thicker my way.
    so, you ready for 2018? Thinking positive….. 🙂

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