• Photo of Mark “Yaz” (My former college roommate who’s in Israel on Vacation). Thank you Lorne.
  • Background on Caleb/Wednesday/Hump Day Posts and Geico’s original commercial: Let’s Hit it Again


  1. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    “Let’s hit it again” …. CALEB!!

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  2. Yo Yaz!

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  3. Guess you couldn’t resist after fooling us yesterday, eh? 😁

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  4. Whew! We’re back on track!

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  5. Ride a Camel Day? 🙂

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  6. Middle East transportation rentals. Looks like the low cost deal of the day.


  7. Yaz is Full of Life and apodictic in his Joy…not wearing a “M” shirt for Michigan but a “V” tee for vigorous adventurer…so glad he had that experience and his thoughtfulness in remembering you with a “Caleb” moment…priceless…


  8. Everyone should ride a camel at least once in their life.

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  9. He hasn’t changed a bit!

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